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here a site with all legal Stations.Just enter LongBeach,NY and cross check the search result with your loggings.


Hi there, thanks but that is exactly what I'm not looking for. I am only interested in the illegal free pirate radio stations in New York.  ;)

Hi all great forum you have here. I've been searching for something like this for a while now
I'm Teckniqs, a UK pirate radio operator and I'm very interested in FM pirate radio around other parts of the world, particularly New York City.

....I have access to an online FM radio tuner located in Long Beach and I can regularly hear these types of FM stations but it seems very hard to catch an ID for most of them as some of them don't speak any English or come up in my Google searches.

Here is what I've logged so far, I just need some assistance identifying some of the following which are blank below....

91.9 Radio Impacto??
94.5 Hype FM HD (http://hypefmhd.com/)
96.9 East Coast Rock??
99.3 Star fm http://www.starfmny.com/
99.9 Triple nine HD http://www.triple9hd.moonfruit.com/
100.7 Irie Storm http://www.iriestormradio.com/
101.7 Local Vibes Radio http://www.localvybzradio.com/
107.9 Flava station http://flavastation.com/main.html

As you can see most of them are still blank as I've not been able to catch an ID for them yet.
Thanks everyone, all help is much appreciated.

Teckniqs, West Sussex UK.

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