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Thanks for tuning in!

I'm at 15 watts on this noisy afternoon. Using the crystal controlled tx and pushing the modulation. Processing to 125% peaks.

For a Postal QSL email report and mailing address to - ionradioshortwave@gmail.com

Thanks for the reports! Just testing some audio settings.

Broadcast Announcements / ION Radio's Halloween Program 10-31-2023...
« on: October 30, 2023, 2151 UTC »

  ...at 2100 UTC. 6950 kHz is the tentative frequency.

 See you then!


Thanks for listening. That was an off air recording of Radio Australia from 1/30/2017 on 12065 kHz at 1300utc.

Audio from recording was a little rough. I will try to find some recordings with better quality or just try the Live Stream.

Enjoy the Holiday weekend!

0033 DJ on the mic, music. S9+

0025 Nice signal in Southern New England from DW at Radio Free Whatever, S9+ with indie music playing.
0035 DW on the mic with a few shouts, thanks! Into "Jealous".

   Request: "Walking Around in Circles" by Soul Coughing.  :D

0039 "Walking Around in Circles", Thanks DW!!

0013 Nice reception, S9 +20. Music playing, Thanks Mix Radio!
0031 Techno music going strong. Sounds good Mix.
0034 Mix ID then sirens and Robo YL "Radio 48" ID and email info.

0009 ID "Wolverine Radio". Nice reception, S9+20 with oldie song playing.  :)
0026 ID.
0039 "London Calling" playing.

Hi Ray, I can confirm the songs played at 2040z Collective Soul "Shine", 2052z "Saturday In The Park" and 2056z Elton John  "Philadelphia freedom". Signed off at approx. 2134z

Thanks Ray

Maybe I heard that station direct in EUROPE

Can anyone add song titles or closing time ?

I signed off after Ray Charles, about 2134z.

2133 Decent signal, S9 at pks. Piano music.

2319 Music playing with good reception and nice sounding side band audio!

2317 Good signal with AC/DC playing.
2322 A shout from the crusher! Thanks.. ;)

0015 IDs "Solid Rock Radio". Good signal.

2358 "1,2,3 Can anybody Hear Me". S9+20!
0000 ID into the Oldies Tunes. "Ace In The Hole"... Hello Wolverine.
0002 Next tune, YL singer. Peaks at +30.
0006 Tom Petty.
0009 ID Wolverine Radio.
0023 Rolling Stones Playing.
0024 Oldie tune. Killer signal, blowing the knobs off my radio!
0027 ID.
0033 "Love Potion #9".
0051 ID.
0108 ID Into "From 4 until Late" Robert Johnson.  8)

Thanks for the music! Cool theme to, a lot more clever than the other guy.

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