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HF Mystery Signals / PSK? narrowband signal at 5358.62 kHz
« on: December 26, 2022, 0323 UTC »
Unidentified approximately 30 Hz bandwidth signal (markers are 50 Hz apart); unchanging nature suggests idle marker. Falls in 60 meter amateur band, but doubt it's amateur-related. Can't find a close match at sigidwiki. Any ideas? Thanks!

Twilight zone music followed by Bach's "Toccatta and Fugue in D minor". SINFO 45444 with peaks about S9.

Repeatedly ID'ing "You are tuned to Russian Retard Radio" with S8 signal.

North American Shortwave Pirate / WDOG 6850 FM>USB 0227 UTC 11 SEP 2022
« on: September 11, 2022, 0228 UTC »
Edited by Ray Lalleu. Was :
UNID 6850 AM 0227 UTC 11 SEP 2022

Hard to make out due to heavy interference from a STANAG station on the same frequency. Rock & roll (Led Zeppelin?) SINFO 42342

Unusual signal on the waterfall - looks like DSB, but I think there might be heavy interference from a VFT station. SINFO 53334 (peaks up to S9+20)

Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge. SINFO 44343 (reasonable reception, with peaks at about S8, above S7 noise floor).

Music (can't identify) somewhat above the (significant) noise (lot of static crashes).

0120: "Up Up and Away in My Beautiful Balloon" (The Fifth Dimension).
0123: "Happy Together" (The Turtles)
Carrier is fading between S8 & S9+20 (interrupted by numerous lightning crashes) but audio is a bit difficult to make out a lot of the time. (Yes, I know technically SSB doesn't have a carrier, but I'm not sure how to otherwise describe what I'm seeing/hearing.)

I went back to monitoring Inmarsat-4 F3 after a long absence. I'm picking up STD-C LES and Classic Aero 600/1200/10500 bps signals, but I don't see any 8400 bps voice signals where I saw them before (1546.130 1546.190 MHz). I have a note that says that 600 & 1200 bps signals are scheduled to be phased out by 2023; are those voice channels gone now, or just very infrequent? Thanks!

I never seem to be able to find a decent match for my mystery signals at SigIDWiki. This one looks like digital modes with a number of discrete frequency points used, but the frequencies "bend" while being transmitted (voice encryption?). Sorry I'm not more versed in the proper terminology. Screen capture of waterfall:

Audio clip: https://www.lutins.org/sdr/7960_USB_3_kHz_bw.mp3

Thanks for any ID assistance!

NOTE: This item is being sold via eBay. Please do not contact me regarding a personal sale, as that is against eBay policy.

Small Wonder Labs Rockmite 40 meter (7030 kHz) and 80 meter (3686 kHz) QRP CW transceivers - sold as a set. I am a professional electronics technician (and amateur radio operator, of course). I built these units years ago, including the optional RMK keyer chips (to provide advanced functions, such as memory) and miniature paddles. I recently evaluated all functions, and both radios are in perfect working order, with the 40m radio putting out 552 mW and the 80m radio putting out 333 mW when fed with a 12 volt power supply. Also included are a 12 volt auto adapter, ear buds, and full documentation on a USB drive. Equipment is from a non-smoking home. These are great for backpacking! Each measures 2 inches (57 mm) wide x 3 inches (89 mm) x 1 inch (25 mm) high (not including the paddles). Refer to ebay listing at https://www.ebay.com/itm/165393111113 for photos, including screen captures from spectrum analyzer testing.

NNQ5GR calling stations for the net; "no stations heard" then data (unid format), then brief exchange with NNA5HF. If someone wants to help me ID the data mode, recording is at https://www.lutins.org/sdr/6765_SHARES.mp3.

Shortwave Broadcast / unid 6930.9 AM 0130 UTC 13 Mar 2022
« on: March 13, 2022, 0143 UTC »
News forecast with male and female announcers in language I can't identify - low signal amplitude, very narrowband AM (I'm seeing less than 2 kHz), high noise level. Curious that it's off-frequency; nothing listed at shortwaveschedule.com for 6930 nor 6931. If you want to struggle through the poor audio and help me identify this, audio clip at https://www.lutins.org/temp/sdr/6930.9.mp3.

Approximately 2.4 kHz wide, 2-second long digital bursts preceded by a very brief tone; usually individual bursts, but sometimes 2 in a row. Closest match I can find on SigIDWiki is STANAG 4197, but 4197 appears to have a multiple-frequency opening tone, whereas my signal has a single tone.
Audio clip: https://www.lutins.org/temp/sdr/11318_burst.mp3

Utility / Halifax Coast Guard Radio on 2749 (!)
« on: February 01, 2022, 0245 UTC »
Loud clear signal despite high noise (SINFO 55355) on 2749 kHz at 0240z on 1 Feb 2022. Twice announced "Halifax Coast Guard Radio" followed by French (unknown content - I don't speak French) then marine forecast in English. Nothing out of the ordinary - except - in my log notes I notated a while back, "discontinued September 2010". Are my notes wrong, or was the station resurrected?

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