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Hams Behaving Badly?
Could be! Raises question:  definition of a pirate broadcast?
Also, should we not report anything from ham bands?   :-\

pretty dim signal here in Idaho, no additional music after, just a couple brief seconds of unintelligible voice.


cranking George Thorogood's cover of One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer.

Equipment / Re: What are you using for SWLing?
« on: May 27, 2020, 0132 UTC »

I also want to hear what is receivable from where I am, but with no aid of digital technology.

To each their own.

SWL itself is a traditional technological hobby, which doesn't have to rely on the digital technology.

Respect your opinion.  Mine is that SWL is a non-traditional technological hobby, and it evolves very nicely with any new technology that enhances it.

When you are SWLing, you are ditching that internet and digital technology, and going back to the old traditional way of getting signals from the far away places.

When I am SWLing, my objective is to hear distant radio signals.  When I started in earnest in 1983, I had a boombox that had shortwave bands.  If there had been internet or digital technology to identify stations or enhance distant signal reception I would have taken advantage, as a way to achieve my objective. Then I upgraded from a boombox to a Sony ICF2010, and a few dozen radios after that, including the SDR I got a couple months ago.  They're all radios with an antenna!

Peace!  ;D

Saw another couple seconds of audio on the waterfall at 0506 UTC but I missed hearing it.

Faint with noise, various music that lasted up to 0450 sounded similar to Eno from his Atmospheres album but I don't think it was that.  Pause somewhere between 0415 and 0430 maybe seemed like sign off but music came back.
Thought it signed off at 0450 then heard a couple seconds of plaintive voice at 0456. Might have been "can anybody hear me".

Equipment / Re: What are you using for SWLing?
« on: May 25, 2020, 0038 UTC »
Just got an Airspy HF+Discovery and a YouLoop, which is hanging on the wall, but still pretty good.  JRC NRD-545 in the corner attached to a Par EF-SWL in a sloper configuration E-W.  Yesterday dug out an old Princeton Skywave, set it up lower than a basketball hoop in a different corner of the property and hooked up a PL-660 and really pretty good reception!  (off topic but why the f is WRMI playing Christmas tunes right now?  weird but kinda shortwave cool).

Idaho not the best location for SWL, compared to many of my previous residences; Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Panama, Costa Rica, and Paraguay.  Maybe only Thompson, Manitoba was worse. Still have an ICF-2010 which was my go to as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay 1990-93, and I lived in a remote part of the Itapua campo near the Rio Parana that had no electricity.

No. Electricity.

Or running water either, but it was the no electricity part that made the SWL awesome.

I'm going to make the YouLoop larger and get it outside and elevated.  With the SDR you kind of miss the anticipation of what's yet to come while spinning the knob since you can see the signals, but the bells and whistles that can optimize the signal is worth the tradeoff, because I want to hear the ghost of the ghost signals. That's why online SDR is so uninteresting to me; I want to see what I can hear, here!

All awesome things must come to an end.

Sign off 0538.

Great to hear wddr making it out to Idaho, thanks for your show.  Still good signal at 0520utc.

Don't get much good radio out'n these parts.

Copied from Idaho, crappy pop music, then finally something decent - some James Gang.


Nuttin' for us west of the Mississippi that's for sure.

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