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Long organ solo at 0205, now thinking ELP, but different. Boise, ID SNR 22-27 some noise but decent signal strength.

0215 yup, ELP it is.

S5 into SW Idaho, fairly weak, fairly noisy at 0247. Hear voice, buncha beeps leading into unknown song/music.

"They're Coming To Take Me Away" at 0124, pretty weak signal into Idaho but noise not horrible.

Strong signal, noise not too bad, on 4185 into SW Idaho, S7-9, SNR 35-40 dB. 5185 signal however is practically nonexistent. Thanks for the multiple frequencies! 0104 UTC 1 Nov 2022.

Super weak, extreme noise into SW Idaho. I can discern there is a signal there, just cannot pull anything out of it. I shall persevere. 0210 UTC 31 Oct 2022.

Signal not arriving in western UTC-6, SW Idaho. Just nuthin'.

Real weak, real noisy into SW Idaho. Not easy to I.D. the music but happy to try. 0158 UTC 31 Oct 2022. SINPO 22232.

Fairly strong but noisy into SW Idaho, hearing different AC/DC songs here and on X-fm/Radio Illuminati on 6865 at the same time, awesome!

Ghost of a signal on the waterfall; barely noticeable, SINPO 11111 into SW Idaho.

Pretty strong into SW Idaho, content a few seconds behind 4185 AM, SINPO 42233. 0042 UTC 31 Oct 2022.

Pretty strong into SW Idaho, some noise, moderate fading. SNR 30-40 dB, SINPO 42333. 0038 UTC 31 Oct 2022

weak-ish and noisy but listenable signal into SW Idaho 0015 UTC 31 Oct 2022 say SINPO 32233, SNR 15-20 dB.

Fairly noisy but strong-enough signal into SW Idaho. 32333

SNR 14-17 dB in SW Idaho. SINPO 42344 pretty big usb signal.

4/10 on the meter direct. This is almost guaranteed to be B Side Radio.

0139 UTC-Unknown Jazz Music

Yeah. That was Charles Mingus, Ko Ko Theme from Ronnie Scott's Live "The Lost Album".

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