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S5, fair copy @ 0125 with Halloween related tune.  In USB mode so may be a different station
0130 - hearing Sycko on the microphone with shoutouts, mention of 6935 and not AM

Yup. Straight jazz, AM signal on 6935 kHz receiving in SW Idaho. Interesting!

Modern Jazz music, SINPO from SW Idaho would be 33233.

6950 USB 0045 UTC 30 Oct 2022  Vampires Are Alive, DJ Bobo, strong into SW Idaho SINPO 41444.

0452 6925 kHz usb, EDM into Boise Idaho, fairly good signal, somewhat noisy but very listenable.

Pretenders quite loud and quite clear in Boise Idaho SNR 20-30 dB. 0440z

oh wow that's an oldie and a goodie, unfortunately only the barest wisp of a signal is making it into utc-6.   

Monster Mash somebody hadda play it.

I've travelled back in time and there is only white noise on 6950 USB in UTC-6 at 0020 UTC both on 31 August 2021 as well as 01 November 2021.

well, that didn't last long.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6960 USB 0002 UTC 1 Nov 2021
« on: November 01, 2021, 0003 UTC »
dunno, but rockin' music real real strong signal into utc-6

Pirates sure go to bed early these days. Generic comment, not VONT-specific.

That may have been the strongest pirate signal I've ever received here in utc-6. He just dropped off (again) at 0118 utc.

Real noisy and difficult to copy, but snr 30-35 dB here in utc-6.

Not a big signal. Big noise. I can differentiate between speech and music but that's about it.  Buzzing, did I mention noisy, and weak.  UTC-6

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