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It Came Out Of The Sky by CCR 0433 Idaho faint but low noise great song haven't heard it in a long time.

Making it to Boise Idaho USA loud and noisy 00:26 UTC 11 April 2021, 35333
Devo Whip it 00:28

It's 6885 kHz, good sig but fairly noisy here in IdaHO USA at 00:19 UTC 11 April 2021. 45344

Maybe the same, UNID 6950 AM 0140 UTC 3 Apr 2021, was hard rock, now some big beat EDM, very noisy here in IdaHO, SINPO 35233.

Lookin' at the posts, itsa east of the Mississippi hobby pretty much, amirite?  Which is AOK.

maybe just started up again 6930 USB 0203UTC 18 Jan

real weak, real noisy, maybe jam rock, psych rock, now 0206 UTC got plastered by something digital.

oh wow, 0206 guitar heavy music back and stronger signal, still only 10-15 g17 SNR

SNR 30-35, gusts to 40, in Idaho 06:03 UTC

I hear it pretty good 00:07 utc

SW Idaho, SNR 8-12, gusts to 15.

0645 15 minutes into long psych rock instrumental. No voice or id yet. 33223

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6930 USB 2342 UTC
« on: November 29, 2020, 0025 UTC »
i hear it in idaho. *yawn*

0052 Wolverine Radio ID
0053 The Doors

6940 kHz USB a little noisy but strong enough for good intelligibility.

from SW Idaho.

Caught a few minutes of Radio Yahweh on 7470 at 0214 UTC August 14 2020, from 43.6N 116.2W. Gone at 0219. Not strong but no interference. Cuckoo for Coco Puffs. 

edit by Ray : adding frq, time and date (already 15) in the subject

Hearing the Grateful Dead 6930 kHz pretty thin signal and noisy but hey here in Idaho hearing any pirate is rare. 0410 UTC.

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