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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6960 AM 00:41 UTC 19 DEC 2021
« on: December 20, 2021, 0055 UTC »
It's Actually 6960 USB sounding good here in the sycko studios !

hearing Clutch on 6955 also quick ID as Two Dog Radio  sounding good
Thanks for the show !

 :'(  hearing here good audio signal around a s7 sounds like zekey is confused ? said it was thanksgiving...  music selection is great tonight ... thanks for the show

Group W Bench / Zeeky Radio 4070 USB 2327 Utc 15 nov 21
« on: November 14, 2021, 2332 UTC »
Good to hear the supreme master of pirate radio ! Signal coming in great on my little radio in my little studio in a box. Yes someday i may be just as good as you my friend ..  Any how have fun in your lonely world , at least you have your goats !  8)

 :-\  sounds like a loop over and over something about the boogie man is going to get you QRM from 4060

 8) Two Dog Radio sounding great down here in the sycko studio...  Keep rocking out !

 ;) Captain Morgan Rocking out down here in the sycko studios low but in there Rock On Captain Morgan!!!

 Incorrect it is outhouse radio ...  that was a shout out to two dog radio

 8) Outh house radio comning into the sycko studios tonight with a shout out to Two Dog Radio now music audio not bad signal almost to noise floor  :(  Rock on Outhouse !

Black Flag Radio ID from 'Zeeky" audio distorted catching some sort of screaming with music possibly goat's yelling in the back ground ! :-\

Just woke up here .. saw the logs tuned in and wow there it is fading in and out but low audio at times  8)
Welcome to the European scene !
Be aware that Radio Piepzender is a licenced station (at least, that is said, and so far),
but is just a hobby station and nothing different from an unlicenced one in practice.
     >> Nice! they must be running some serious power... i don't normally get the euro stations here i try every day . so this is a first at this time in the morning for me PS. Thanks for the info

Just woke up here .. saw the logs tuned in and wow there it is fading in and out but low audio at times  8)

caught it here in the sycko studio !  strange stuff caught an ID as Ron jeremy porno sonic radio with porno music and (other sounds) lol
low signal at noise floor

 sounded like female whit male voice in background with ID: el crapo radio just above the noise floor s-3 to s-6 quick fades ..

 8) Working receive tonight got 2 radios blowin up with pirate awesomeness !  looks like they moved to LSB mode . maby transmitter trouble ? sounds like RF feed back in the audio chain ? not 100% sure if this is the same station .  Yes the same station back to USB sounds much better now what ever they did . keep up the show thanks !

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