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S-7 to S-9 signal on the G-CORE SDR ! audio sounds good also 

got some big static crashes coming in now . dropped off a little around S-3 to S-5

Shortwave Broadcast / R.Timtron Worlwide? via WBCQ 5130 AM S-4
« on: March 16, 2020, 0111 UTC »
catching a station (UNID) at this point on am 5130 on the G-Core SDR   my bad sounded like a pirate  figures WBCQ

edit by moderator Ray : ID in the subject

 8)   SOUNDING GREAT  !! Blasting in on my G-Core SDR Tx Rx Thanks Mr. SycK0

Broadcast Announcements / Sycko Radio is back 2020
« on: March 07, 2020, 0003 UTC »
 :o sycko radio is back time for some radio therapy !!!!!!

signal not bad here s6 peaks s9 SSTV and music  listing on a G90 SDR transceiver with random longwire approx 150ft

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