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Strart up at 1833 UTC. Announcements mostly in Dutch but some English used.
Power announced as 100 Watts.
"This is Mi Amigo from Holland."

1841 - ID and email address in Dutch.
1846 - "dit is radio zender Mi Amigo."
1914 - Close down announcement.
1916 - Thank you to somebody. "Goodbye." TX OFF.

Difficult listening due to QRM and QRN but clearly audible on an SDR in Switzerland. SINPO 23222 with filtering involved.

QRM = Mi Amigo on 6205 KHz, Data signal on ~6215 KHz.

Off at check back 1905 UTC.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6960 USB 0207 UTC 01 SEP 2023
« on: September 01, 2023, 0305 UTC »
0303 UTC - off, I believe.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: KiwiSDR future/replacement?
« on: September 01, 2023, 0212 UTC »
Without using the 1hz url parameter, I could not tune arbitrarily between the 10 hz increments on the K1VL receiver. It would round and tune to the nearest 10 Hz.

Ah HAH! It's not just me imagining things.

... After having fun doing it by ear, I went to SAM mode and did indeed notice the audio panel's sync offset display respond to those 1 Hz steps (or not, if I didn't have 1 Hz tuning enabled).

Ok, well I was right for a little while anyway.  :D

That sync offset is a pretty slick way to compare receivers, if you tune them both to the same station! After picking and poking around on several receivers, checking then against WWV, I can say that most are within a couple of Hz and some are dead nuts on frequency - within a few tenths of a Hertz, plus or minus some QSB effects.

If they are GPS locked with acq[uisition] of enough satellites (hopefully 4 or more), I would hope so.

I have encountered a few non-locked (I assume) in the southern hemisphere that are ~100 Hz off frequency at 10 MHz - which might not be a big problem in some contexts - but can be misleading in others like FT8, where the TX bandwidth is only ~50 Hz and accuracy down to <10 Hertz is kind of important. :(

Huh? / Re: A 1MW MW transmitter coming to Pakistan? Looks like it.
« on: September 01, 2023, 0127 UTC »
I get TV over the air. I have some channels with marginal reception at my house and generally they are better in the day than at night.

Because I'm a geek, I will go into the settings of my TV to get the SNR values and compare 1) when I can receive certain channels well, 2) when it is indicating "no reception" at all and 3) when it's marginal (cycling between displaying a screen image and not). In general, the threshold where my TV stops showing a consistent image is around 19 +/- 1 dB SNR. Not really knowing much about digital TV, I assumed that it would need a better SNR than that, but apparently not.

Huh? / Re: Hurricane heading Josiah's way...
« on: September 01, 2023, 0111 UTC »
No doubt that he got a bit wet. If his bus roof had leaks (which would seem possible given what it looked like) it might have been a "fun" time.

Has he been on since August 20th? He hasn't been reported since before then. Hmmmm....

Software / Re: Any SDR# (SDRSharp) Users Out There?
« on: September 01, 2023, 0103 UTC »


However my biggest pet peeve is that it defaults to a mode where it makes receiving mode choices (AM/USB/LSB/NBFM) for you based upon frequency. Perhaps this is acceptable for VHF/UHF or exclusively HF ham frequencies but it is super annoying for HF if you jump around listening to a variety of different things as I do. You can disable this feature but it seems like that disable setting is not saved in NVM and when you power it on again, you have to disable it again. You can save the GUI layout for future recall but that setting is not saved or recalled as part of that save.

Easy fix.  Go to Band Plan and uncheck Auto update radio settings. 


as I wrote above, (and highlighted in bold) that setting is not saved in NVM and you have to do that every time you run the the software. I don't have SDR# running constantly and since it does crash from time to time, it's not really my favorite feature.

Listening on a Kiwi in Pittsburgh with 10 KHz bandwidth, which I'm using fully. Sounds great. SINPO 55555 / S9 on peaks.

0138: MRI ID
0141: MRI ID again mixed in with music.
0202: YL voice "You're listening to the sound of FM radio on shortwave. Mix Radio International."
0203: Remix of The Smiths
0215: Song lyrics: "Who are we? We da shit!"

I'm just noticing that there are no peskies on tonight.

Presumed due to the 1940s-1950s music played. Strongest in Europe but some very noisy reception on the east coast of North America.
S8/SINPO 35333 on an SDR in Ischia, southern Italy.

Very respectable signal on the left coast at 0332 UTC (about 20 min after dusk): SINPO 34233, roughly S7 on peaks on my longwire.

0452 - Off, I think.

SINPO 55555, S9+ at my house (yes, I really am in California!) on my long wire. I checked around various SDRs here in the west and of course, the signal is dominating. I'm wondering if you can hear it on the east coast?
Noting he is using very heavy audio compression, more than most other SSB ops. (That's not a complaint.)

0326 - "You're listening to the dog. Two Dog Radio."
0342 - GNR, "The Jungle"
0431 - GNR, "Sweet Child o'Mine"
0433 - "Woof, woof, woof. Two Dog Radio"
0436 - Nine Inch Nails,"Head Like A Hole"
0449 - ID and email address. Kraftwerk, "The Model"
0452 - Kraftwerk, "Radioactivity"
0459 - Kraftwerk, "Showroom Dummies"
0505 - "You've been listening to Two Dog Radio. Good Evening. Bow Wow." Close down.

Thanks for the entertainment, man.

0055 (or earlier) - Signal is back.
0056 - "Horse with No Name". Peskies on the LSB.
0100 - Unknown tune. SINPO 44344 on the K3FEF SDR with LSB filtered out due to peskies on the LSB. Good modulation. (See waterfall plot at bottom.)
0111 - Uh oh. RF getting into the audio? I'm thinking that what I was hearing was train rumbling.
0116 - SSTV
0121 - ID but it seemed to be overmodulated or FMing. "(something) Radio". Heard what may have been train sounds in the background.
(re: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,116863.0.html)
0125 - "You are listening to Locomotive Radio"
0142 - "Time for some SSTV here on Locomotive Radio."
0152 - "Thank you for accompaning me..." Shout outs to listeners. Train rumbles and horn blowing.
0158 - Carrier off.

Not sure if we're talking about the same thing but I have jazz on 6935.0 AM. I have not seen it on the frequencies you mention, 6930 or 6938.8 KHz. BTW, the date would be 11 August, not 10.

0042 - ID. Apologies for being near the MARS net earlier.
0055 - SINPO 34243 at the moment on the K3FEF SDR.

Carrier is up. May or may not become something but there was an AM station on 6972 earlier.

Carrier off ~0041 UTC. Oh well....

Deep Purple at 0007. Carrier is S9 but audio is undermodulated. You need to turn it up.

Sounds perfectly fine to me

That's fine but I know what a properly modulated AM transmitter should sound like and it's very short of that.
Even using not using subjective measures like you are, by all objective measures (the simplest one is the ratio of the sidebands to the carrier), it's not making it. Not even close.

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