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Suddenly off at 0047

0048 + : No longer audible on K1VL SDR in Vermont, if it is still there.

Noticed it in the waterfall at something like 6936 KHz approximately around 0038 UTC, where it would experience QRM from the multi-tone signal at ~6938-6945 KHz. Op moved the frequency down gradually and I followed it to 6940.

0040 - Twilight Zone
0041 - ID "Two Dog Radio. Enjoy" (ID from others)

Someone is talking to their parakeet.

Sounds to me like one station deliberately jamming another one :(

Rodger that.

I hear it on the K1VL SDR again. The signal is noticeably stronger than earlier, but with strong polar flutter. (Man, is this coming long path?) QRM from peskies on 6940 LSB.

FAX at 0100.
SSTV at 0102.

Weak but listenable on the K1VL SDR in Vermont, USA. SINPO 24342 at 2335 UTC.
FAX (I think) at 2340 UTC.
A long period of dead air after the FAX, then one song.
TX off at 2349 UTC.

Sound of gunfire and screaming....repeated a few times  :)

Just a typical Wednesday night at my house.

Latin American Pirate / Re: UNID 6934.9 AM 0005 UTC 26 JAN 2023
« on: January 26, 2023, 0113 UTC »
I've never been able to get the enya over the n ,Charlie. Please PM me with instructions, if you don't mind?

You aren't putting the tilda on top, you are selecting a character with the tilda on top already.

If you are using Windows, find the Character map under Windows accessories on the Start menu.
Scroll though the map until you find n with a tilda on top. Select then copy.
Go back to whatever application you were using and paste it in.

I have them at a listenable level on the KPH and KFS kiwiSDRs in California @ 0105 UTC. The signal is not strong but listenable.

Audible on east coast SDRs. Audio is slightly distorted on peaks, i.e., over-driven slightly.

0055 - C&W
0100 - Quick change to news with UK accented announcer. (Sky News)
0102 - "All the music you love. Original 106".
0117 - Off when I checked back.

Latin American Pirate / Re: UNID 6934.9 AM 0005 UTC 26 JAN 2023
« on: January 26, 2023, 0025 UTC »
I think this was the Argentine Pirate AD149.

Si, señor.

Off at ~0110 UTC after a fax transmission.

(something "-I resigned from ham radio")

This is something that Zekey said about an hour ago. It's obviously the Zekey Mocking Station, for lack of a better term.

Audio tracks repeating stuff that Zekeys has said over bed music.

0007 - Mentions of "Goat Fucker Radio".
0008 - "Zekey, your number one pirate DJ. You only hear this on Goat Fucker Radio." over a bed of AC/DC, "Back in Black".
0012 - "Yeah remember the goat. (hideous laughter)" repeated in a loop several times. Into Bon Jovi.
0016 - Easypal transmission.

Potentially Radio Compañía Worldwide from Chile.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 0149 UTC 25 JAN 2023
« on: January 25, 2023, 0149 UTC »
0149 Just signed on.
0150 - Audio level is coming and going. Currently blues.
0152 - Back to original xylophone music but audio cutting in and out.
0153 - Off?

2319 UTC I also have the carrier and some threshold music. Unid OTH radar and band noise making for tough copy. The music has a Latin American sound to it. AD149?

I can hear it on Weston-super-mare, southeast England at about the same signal level as the US.

Just checked Brazil. Signal is about the same level but much clearer than North America or Europe. I think that you are right. I will move this to Latin America.
EDIT: well, I would but I would miss your comments. If the mod can move this thread to Latin America, I would appreciate it.

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