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First noticed at at 0100. S9+15, SINPO 55444 on the K1VL SDR.

0101 - ID and email address. Undecoverradio AT gmail DOT com. "Broadcasting from the middle of nowhere."
0102 - "I'm Dr. Benway"
0103 - Two new KIPM shows tonight.

Just a weak carrier on the K1VL SDR at 0037 UTC.

Noted the startup on the waterfall at 0014 UTC. S9+10 on the K1VL SDR in Vermont.

Audio bandwidth appears to be >10 KHz. As William Hassig mentioned, there is some vestigial sideband (small amount of lower sideband) visible, which is a result of MRI's modulation process.

0014 - EDM
0047 - ID. "With the finest sound and the finest mix, you are listening to Mix Radio International on shortwave" in English.

Peskies / North American Fisherman 6960 USB 2250 UTC 07 APR 2023
« on: April 07, 2023, 2254 UTC »
Quick convo about the troubles of the day. Off at 2252.

2238 - "Million Dollar Weekend" Jingle. SINPO 55555 on a New England SDR.

It seems to be a Million Dollar Weekend every weekend. If that is so, why am I not wealthy?  ;D

2240 - ID, thanks me for the report.
2245 "Love Potion Number 9"

2125 UTC-OFF

Not sure if they were permanently off or not. There is a USB station that has been on this frequency since at least ~2155 UTC

2250 - SSTV and "Cluck Cluck".
2255 - Our friend on the mic: "Having realized that I went about an hour early, I'm going to start this over." Into guitar music. Joe Satriani?

1842 - S9-ish on an SDR in the mid-Atlantic US. A little bit of audio distortion on low frequencies.
2014 - Still on the air. I wasn't aware that RNYI had an internet stream and yes, Johnny Lightning does have "the gift of gab", doesn't he?
2039 - Tone sequence and "WBOG" jingle. Carrier off the air.

Caught a mention of "Psychotic piece of S**t"  ;D

Hey, hey, hey! Take it easy. I'm right here reading this, for crying out loud.  :D

Professor Plum wouldn't be related to P.G. Wodehouse would he? Wodehouse was a man who made a living on stories about fools. He wasn't a professor but his friends called him "Plum". If you can find it, read his short story, "The Great Hat Mystery". It explains a lot about  the British upper class.
Professor Plum and Miss Scarlett are on the show together. I don't have a clue about the other one.

Colonel Mustard thinks that there might be a candlestick involved.

... the Aprils Fools Day Show.

Is this a joke?


Thunder Chicken or should it be renamed Thunder Turkey?

2150 - Op notes that "Thunder Chicken" is a term for a turkey. OK, noted, but my counterpoint is that most of your SSTV images over the past months have been of chickens and the "cluck, cluck" that you drop in between songs occasionally would be quite an odd turkey sound.  ;D

SINPO 35333 at home in California this afternoon. A little lighter than is acceptable to me for pleasurable listening. Much better on the big SDRs (KPH, KFS and Northern Utah) with much bigger and better antennas than little old me.

Grateful Dead tunes. (Spark one up, boys.) I'm something other than a Dead Head but I recognize "Terrapin Station" at 2135 UTC.
2150 - Remake of "Werewolves of London".
2200 - Off after ID.

I'm calling it at 0107 - The theme is "Don't"

Conditions are poor, of course. Even when the signal is strong, the fading and the static make OTA listening very difficult.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Balls
« on: March 24, 2023, 2139 UTC »
This is amusing. Maybe they have a half-hour in Mandarin on Sunday mornings?  ;D

Seriously though, I (we) don't know what their range is and I also don't know where the Ecuadorian diaspora has been displaced to. On the other hand, the tri-state area has likely one of the most saturated FM bands in the US and the capture effect* of receivers may limit their range.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capture_effect

General Radio Discussion / Re: Balls
« on: March 17, 2023, 0735 UTC »
There are people that have taken on the FCC and tied them up in knots for a while (read as "decades") but they typically had the tricks of the trade in their pocket. The case of the former W6WBJ, a retired lawyer, comes to mind. This guy Barnes shows no signs of of employing any delaying tactics (or any sort of tactics, for that matter, other than trying to BS them with a handwritten note) and I just don't think he has the smarts.

I agree that this won't end well.

Yes, aiming for the 6.2 - 6.3 range.  With 21 turns for L2 it was a little high, peaking in the 6.4 region so I tried 23 turns which brought it down to 5.8, so I've settled on 22 turns for the moment which seems about right with the ability to squeeze or open the coil a little.


I did see that you had used the Wondom board, they seem to be pure unobtainium in the UK, I have accounts with Farnell and their sibling CPC and they don't have them. 

Forgive me, I was wrong and it appears that Farnell does not carry them nor does AliExpress any longer ("no longer available"). Well that's a bummer. When I started this thing in 2021 they were quite available but of course 2 years is an eternity in this industry, especially with the disruption of COVID-19.

I'll trawl AliExpress and Banggood to see what they have.
I have tried a clone 100w mono board from eBay also based on the TPA3116 but no joy at all.  I'll give it another go this weekend when I have some more time.

I have a DROK (or Bangood?) module or two and they are problematic in this application. The audio cuts out intermittently, especially at high output and I assume it to be the over-current protection circuitry doing this. The protection appears to be a bit more over-zealous than a real TPA3116-based module. (The U-LULU is something like a 3-4 Ohm load according to simulation.)

Whatever you end up going with, it needs to drive at least 5 Amps peak at 4 Ohms (100 Watts into 4 Ohms differential = 5 Amps RMS). Of course, we are using the amplifier single-ended with the U-LULU. Four Ohms differential (such as a loudspeaker) is equivalent to 2 x (2 Ohms single-ended to ground). If it can handle a 4-Ohm speaker then it should be good to go. Of course the Bangood and DROK are supposed to drive 3 or 4 Ohms too, so.....

For this weakness and a few other reasons (that I am too lazy to describe right now) I suspect Banggood and DROK modules are built around counterfeit TPA3116 chips that can't drive a 2-Ohm load like the real thing from TI. Caveat emptor.

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