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Distortion on voice, perhaps intentionally. Comments about "Dickey", similar to yesterday: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,110512.msg346121.html#msg346121

1817 "I just had sex with ______?", then off.

See above for recording.

2336 - "Dickey, my stout field mouse" then off (apparently)

0043- "K N O B. Don't touch the knob."
0044 - Monty Python skits
0053 - "K N O B. Don't touch the knob" in a falsetto voice.
0054 - Cheech and Chong song from the 1970s.
0000 - The band is going long. Fading out.  :(
0116 - Off.

2244 Very distorted voice over music. Impossible to decipher.

Pretty clear on an SDR in Ohio. High pitched, squeeky, fake voice saying, "Where is Dickey?" calling for "Dickey" over the mellow, instrumental music.
"Where is poor Dickey? Where are you Dickey?"
Anyone hearing "Kiki", "Stumpy" or "Zekey" likely needs to use headphones. It's quite clear.

2300 - "I just had sex with Dickey. It looks like a corn flake."  Recording: https://voca.ro/1hRdx80v14ZL Check out 0:22 or so.
2305 - Off but I could hear some hum over the air for a few seconds.

A bit early for propagation to the East Coast. It's ~1 hour before sundown on the West Coast as I write this.

Listening via Northern Utah Kiwi. He's blasting in, as usual. Using lots of audio compression and might be running the audio level a tad bit "hot".

Judas Priest, "Electric Eye"
Black Sabbath
0044 - ID
0102 - Motorhead
0108 - Judas Priest, "Electric Eye" (Repeat) - Taken off mid-song.
0109 - "Damn thing wasn't supposed to repeat but it is", next song: Jesus and Mary Chain? Love and Rockets, which makes more sense.
0133 - "It's the dog, Two Dog Radio"
0215 - Black Sabbath
0229 - Sign off mid-song, "It's been the dog, Two Dog Radio. Good evening."

The RF Workbench / Re: Redhat's LULU build attempt
« on: February 25, 2023, 0141 UTC »
My VP at work asked me to tidy up my part of the lab and I told him, "I either have a tidy lab or I get work done, not both."

0114 S9+ but with rather low modulation.

Hi - I'm sorry but this doesn't make any sense to me. It's an SSB signal, there is no carrier so the modulation and the signal you receive are essentially the same thing. If you have an S9+ reception and it is in the clear with sufficiently low noise, then by definition the modulation is not low. I'm not following.

Zeke signing off, not soon enough, with an impassioned plea that he's not anti-Semitic then immediately goes into a criticism of a ham he says is a Jew.

Yes. Also goes on to say that he just doesn't like circumcision. Kind of a weird hill to die on for someone who is "not anti-Semitic", isn't it? To paraphrase George Santos, he's not anti-Semitic, he's "anti-Semitic-ish". Maybe we can just call him "Aunty Semitic", for no other reason than to tweak him.

Switched to LSB at approximately 2250 UTC.

Zeeky just going on and on with a ramble about some hams, Trump and weird shit about circumcision and the Jews.

Zeeky needs to stay off the radio when he drinks.

Also, note that MAGICALLY there is none of that "ZZZZzzzzz" in the echo anymore. (There is still echo but that's from monitoring himself on a SDR.) He said last Autumn that he fixed it but then it "magically" re-appeared this winter. Which just says to me that :
1) His claim to be a "qualified radio engineer" is crap.
2) He wanted the ZZZZZzzzz to exist on his audio. If it were me, I'd be embarrassed to sound like that.

2358 - Off the air, let's hope.

I think Zeeky needs to go see a physiatrist, he seems to get worse every day.


It's one thing to get drunk and get on the radio. I have no big problem with that. Example: Sycko was drinking last night and, as far as I know, didn't create a mess, embarrass himself or defame anyone. Cool.

It's another thing to get drunk and be a "Jekyll and Hyde" on the air like this, unless he's that offensive in real life too, in which case that's a different issue. And I will note that he certainly does have a large number of enemies. That tells me something.

I don't know who he is nor do I care.

Someone has plugged their electric guitar monitor output into their SSB transmitter, playing covers of various blues and rock tunes.
Outhouse? (I was basically right.)

SINPO 33343 on a New England SDR.

0218 - Very twangy, jazzy remake of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

I had the last SSTV image but pressed the wrong button on my keyboard and wiped the whole thing out.  :(

TX off ~0241.

RFW relay carrier frequency is 6899.323.
Just ceased transmission as of 0011 UTC and QSY to 6921.1xx KHz, drifting down in frequency a handful of Hertz* every few minutes.

Old Mel Blank radio show, with skits about radio and related topics at 0017 UTC.
0024 - skit talking about trying to troubleshoot a broken radio, sort of, brought to you by Colgate Tooth Powder.
0030 - Two fake Eastern European voices come on to announce email address, Comrade Steven (?) and, presumably DJ Dickweed.
0035 - For what it is worth, the SDR that I am using (with 5 GPS satellites locked) has it at 6921.084 KHz.
0038 - Audio break but carrier stays on for a bit but then carrier off at 0039 UTC.
0040 - I'm not seeing any USB or AM on 43 or 73 meters at the moment.

* "a handful of Hertz" (TM) is my own trademarked scientific terminology. Because we all know how many Hertz can fit in a hand, don't we?  :D

0127 - "You are not listening to Two Dog Radio. I repeat, you are not listening to Two Dog Radio."

Seems like Outhouse QSY'ed to the outhouse.  ;D But to be clear, I dig the music.

Ya komin' in goot in Mishigann der PK. Keep it uapp.

Offff in justa nuff time to QSY to da trivea net.

0141 - "Antenna is only 14 feet off the ground." 20 W and 14 feet - not bad coverage, considering. Later said it's a dipole.

It's a jungle out there!


It's a no-win situation with them. If they had not shot it down, Fox News, OAN and News Max would have bitched continuously. Having had them taken down, he'll be criticized for that too. C'est la vie.

Latin American Pirate / Re: AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 0000 UTC 18 FEB 2023
« on: February 18, 2023, 0044 UTC »
off at ~0042 UTC after SSTV.

Boy, they are relatively strong in North America lately, given that they are in Argentina. Running 2 kW of power will do that.

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