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0023 - You Really Got M
0028 - Waterloo Sunset
0031 - Around The Dial

Coming in very well. Credible signal without headphones and incredible signal with headphones!

Sounded like a move to 6.935 around 2342 when they played The Who's Substitute (then off).

Listening since about 1906. Heard Isolation, Stay Away, Its The End of the World As We Know It, I Think We're Alone now, and now playing All Things Must Pass. Great signal but noise is competing with it. Great songs, PIR!

Been listening since about 2258. Lots of Stones, The Cranberries (Linger), and just got through playing The Animals House of The Rising Sun. OM talks every so often. Good, not great signal, no interference, moderate-mild noise, good audio quality, and steady. Elvia on now (2332)

Hey Radio Virus! Great show. Could you play Spirit in The Sky by Norman Greenbaum?

As of 2345, coming in much better to NE MA. No headphones necessary, unlike about a half hour ago.

Thanks for playing my request, Radio Virus!

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