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2356 - Baby Please Don't Go (sounds like the Stones).
2358 - "....a 17-year old boy wonder." "I'll be back." Song with OM vocals follows.

(Hearing now on 12.170)
1953 - Rock song with OM vocals. Booming in here in NE MA.
1956 - "Radio 48" IDs by YL and OM. Jingle followed. Rock mx with OM vocals followed.
2007 - Greetings from Linkin Park members, then OM/YL IDs and back to music (Presumed song by Linkin Park....sounds like them).
2012 - Green Day - The American Dream is Killing Me. Another song followed. Signal is headphones optional level. Not many pirates do that at my locale.
2016 - YL ID, then I Can Feel It.
2021 - Organ playing with a reggaeish beat.
2024 - MArtine McBride greeting, the YL ID, and hip hop rap (Party & Bullshit). SINPO=554444!

At 2006, with a cover of Hooked on a Feeling. Good signal so far.
2013 - Chicago: Saturday in the Park (Signal is booming in quite well in NE MA.)
2022 - Chicago: Make Me Smile
2024 - Eye of The Tiger
2032 - Gave and repeated the ID, but all I got was (?) Radio, then back to the Hooked on A Feeling cover heard at 2006.

2154 - Male announcer with "WUBR" ID. Back to music. Very strong signal.

2202 - Foreigner - Cold as Ice

Signal is so good, no headphones are necessary. Very little noise, steady, and good audio.

2205 - Announcer didn't anticipate so many HFU reports, but appreciates them. WUBR, Ultimate Blizzard Radio, we'll be back when it snows!" Than off.

2055 - At tune-in, a parody/rockabilly song. Parody ad mentioning "over-the-shoulder-bolder-holders. "Radio Free East Coast" ID followed. Good signal with consistent, moderate noise. Good signal but moderate, consistent noise too.
2101 - Parody ad about "Tractor Pull Announcer Disease." "Sundays, Sunday's Sundays." "Thank you for listening to WREC." BRS address mentoned. Old program re-aired?
2110 - Alice in Chains - Rooster
2115 - WREC ID "Radio Free East Coast. This should be played at high volume in a residential area." Following song also sounds like Alice in Chains.
2121 - Parody ad, then Stone Temple Pilots (noise has slightly abated, but the strong signal is the biggest feature).
2127 - Sounds like Cheech & Chong.
2135 - Soundgarden song?

Strong signal on 6905 USB
0008 - Sounds like Frankee Vallee.
0010 - YL and OM talk. "WEll to tell you the truth...."
0011 - OM recited "Jack be nimble" and other childhood poems.
0021 - The Beach Boys: Sloop John B
0024 Johnny Cach: I Walk the Line
0030 - Stagger Lee
0038 -  Downtown
0043 - "Thank you for listening" and national anthem.
0046 JFK ("Ask not...") and tone, then off.

0000 - Music and OM mentioning "1976." Pop song with an OM vocalist followed. Once I got it properly tuned, the signal was excellent, with good audio, no interference, and little noise. SINPO=454444.
0006 - Sounds like it abruptly went off after the last song.

QSLs Received / Re: Orbital Mind Control Satellite QSL
« on: November 07, 2023, 1209 UTC »
Glad to say I received the same here! Thanks to NAPRS and Pirate Man!

0021 - Hearing Pearl Jam, then OM talk. Decent signal, but lots of noise.
0036 - Ten Wheels for Jesus
0044 - Country-rock type song "...dedicated to all the women in the world..."
0048 - "Radio Humperdoo" ID. Song (titled: "I Like Beer?) followed.
0052 - Instrumental music featuring organ, drum machine, and synthesizer. Signal has faded up, and noise is less of an issue. The signal has also increased its level.
0102 - Nirvana - In Bloom
0109 - Mention of "shortwave" by OM, as well as "Radio Humperdoo" IDs, followed by comedy bit.
0025 - Pearl Jam - Evenflow (After an interruption in listening, this station is still coming in quite steadily.)
0127 - OM ann with ID and "Check it out." Song by (I think) Nirvana followed.

0049 - OM mentioning "Satellite," and a rock song with a male vocalist followed. Good signal, mild-moderate noise, and audio is kind of muffled.
0054 - OM announcer mentioned "PO Box 252" (Was that Wellsville?).

0018 - Just a huge het here in NE MA.

Hearing this from 0030 with electronica type mx. Fair-good, with some mild-moderate noise.
0033 - YL with ID and email, then back to electronica mx.
0038 Talk by YL and OM but noise is impeding audio quality.

QSLs Received / Re: The Voice of Tralfamadore QSL package
« on: October 27, 2023, 2236 UTC »
Received here the other day. Just like their program, they put a lot of time and effort into making a creative and memorable QSL package!

North American MW Pirate Radio / UNID 1620 AM 2252 UTC 21 OCT 2023
« on: October 21, 2023, 2350 UTC »
Listening now (SAT night) from 2337 UTC and heard Tell Me You're Coming Back to Me by the Stones, and other 60's music. Checked the 1.620 stations on Wiki, noting the format type and used the "Listen Now" feature, and none of the USA stations matched. No ID or announcer, as of 2350.
0011 I Fought the Law
0013 - Time Won't Let Me

No announcements at all. Fair-good signal with some fades, but interference is suprisingly limited tonight. This signal often peaks to a very good level.

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Crapola hard copy QSL
« on: October 21, 2023, 1214 UTC »
Also received here yesterday! Thanks Crapola Radio/Brain Brothers Pirate network!

I'd like to echo myteaquinn's thoughts: This pirate put a lot of time and effort into their program(s) and the QSL. Nice to get one in the mail!

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