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1532 - Male vocalist.
1537 - Male announcer with "WRKO" ID and fast talking, forwarded by Richie Valens La Bamba.
1540 - Just Give Me Some Kind of a Sign Girl
1545 - Cover of The Beatles "Goodbye" (Mary Hopkins?)
1547 - "...on an album cover...Mary Hopkins..." Followed by more music (familiar tune but I can't recall the title). Noise has abated just enough for now, at least.
1550 - Male announcer mentioned "1964." Music follows.
1604 - Announcer mentioned "Glen Campbell," followed by Gavelston.

Good signal but lots of noise. Hearing better on 6.975.55 USB now.

2226: OM talk at tune in.
2232: "Here on Commercial Radio. Ad parody followed.
2236: "You're tuned to Commercial Radio." Discussion of The Grateful Dead and their American Beauty album.
2243: Let It Be parody song
2245: "In conjunction with Sick Puppy Productions, Commercial Radio." Off?
Fair-good, but much of the audio is marred by and lost in the noise. SINPO=34232.

2131 - Karma Chameleon
2135 - Aha: Take on Me
2143 - Tainted Love
2149 - Hungry Like the Wolf
Strong signal on 6.934.98. Minor fades and moderate noise levels. Mostly steady. SINPO so far=45444. By 2155, the signal has descended into deep noise here.

Nice 80's program! Maybe we'll hear The Cure?

Heard since 0146, with WENO ID at 0147, then into psychedilic (or neo-psychedelic) music with male vocalist. Killer signal here in NE MA. SINPO=45444. Some very mild static crashes and fuzzy audio, but mostly, an excellent signal. Next song at 0152.

Heard here since 0246, with electronica (?) music. Announcer acknowledged postings on HFU fro Andy Yoder, Molvanian Poacher, and others, then back to bass-driven music. Fair-good, no interference, but much static, some fades (some good, some bad), and fair-good audio. The signal is overcoming the noise though. SINPO here is about 35232.
0259 - CCR: Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Didn't hear this one, but it sounds like a tribute to the great pirate town of Mt. Kisko, NY!

North American MW Pirate Radio / Re: UNID 1710 AM 0225 UTC 25 DEC 2022
« on: December 25, 2022, 0240 UTC »
0222 -Silent Night with baritone OM vocalist. Much WQFG (Hudson Co. NJ) interference, but no at all overwhelming.
0239 Choir singing "Gloria."  Decent, mostly steady signal.

Just speculating, but could this be CHIM from Ontario?

0243 _ Instrumental of Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Checked CHIM "Listen Live" on their website and it didn't sync up with the signal on 1710.
0246 _ Next (instrumental song)

Reading this at lunch. You guys are reminding me why I'll be so happy to be retired in a few months! Then I can join you in catching special pirate broadcasts during the daytime. 

Heard here since 0013. Dickweed  announced the name of the song, discussed the listener line, and took calls from listeners, including "Mike from Maine." Back to music at 0018 but although the signal peaks quite well, almost strong, it also fades severely, as it is now, with much noise. No SW interference noted. Always a treat to hear RFW though.

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA

Also heard here from 2059, with drama/horror program. Good signal, but lots of noise too. SINPO=45232 here in NE MA.

Heard here since 0023 with The Lion Sleeps Tonight (original) and I Only Want to Be With You. Fair, with lots of static. SINPO=34232.
0033 - The Monster Mash

Hearing here in NE MA since 2329, with Rainbow. IDs and discussion of remembering song lyrics fro  years ago but not where you put your phone. Killer signal with excellent audio, mostly cutting through moderate static crashes. SINPO so far is 45444.

2343 - Elton John: I've Sen That Movie Too
2350 - I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You (Checked out //6.865USB, also with a killer signal.)
2254 - Brief talk, then, I've Done Everything for You
2356 - X-FM ID, then Fleetwood Mac with I Don't Want to know. Signal is still strong but with some static crashes. Still easily heard.
0001 - Shoutouts to many HFU posters.
0004 - Read my report! Thanks for the great show guys!
0007 - "Broadcasting from east of the Rockies but west of normal." Stevie Nicks followed.
0013 - Santana cover of She's Not There by The Zombies
0017- Springsteen with Blinded by The Light

Any chance you'd play Nevertheless by The Brian Jonestown Massacre?

Just a strong het here in NE MA, but no audio.  At2355, vague, but still unusabel audio (music) is being heard.

Hearing here in NE MA, from 2328, with Bad Moon Rising by CCR,then PJ at 2332. Strong, but muddy signal with minimal noise. Always a treat to hear this station!

QSLs Received / Re: Grateful Dead Radio eQSL 14-15 June 2020
« on: September 14, 2022, 2353 UTC »
Received here for a 2020 report! Much thanks to Casey Jones! Hope your train is always on time. Great QSL!

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA

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