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I had a very strong signal on the radio in my car but wasn't able to successfully decode with the app on my phone. 

2115 444 here as well

2300 Something to do with FDR, didn't catch the very beginning. 
2316 Churchill speaking
2328 Silent night with a guy talking behind which I cant make out
2329 Faded out

General Radio Discussion / Re: Electric car chargers, new RFI ?
« on: December 24, 2020, 2244 UTC »
I recently did a noise survey in my house and found most of my noise problems were coming from inside my house and primarily from my computers. 

2240 A truckers version of 12 days of christmas. 
2244 SSTV transmission
2254 another sstv transmission - Image says "Keep calm and get your hoho on"

I have it in USB so maybe a different broadcast?

I'm hearing it too but its somewhat noisy, but that might be a local issue.  The signal seems to have come up in the last few minutes.  Theres also random flatulence noises.

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