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MW Loggings / WQFG -871 1680 khz AM 0035 UTC 25 August 2021
« on: August 25, 2021, 0043 UTC »
0035 Clearfield UT. Low power emergency radio station. Frequent recorded ID's and local NOAA weather rebroadcasts.


Heard very well via KJ7PGD-OGD West Haven, Utah Sdr.

0030 S5-7 Good fade-ins, a little noisy other times.
Thanks for the broadcast
0044 Zeeky Minor Archangel
0059  Pirate radio rant. Lol. Barn Burners.
0102  Going ota?

057 S5 a little noisy.  Neil Young -- Horse with no name

?? I did not start this posting.....

0014 In the noise S5. Deep fades but getting better. Heard Funky Town.
0023 Still very weak  Bee Gees
0041 S4-5, improving. "Low Rider" War

Updated title to R Genix. Tnx Kandi

0120 Solid S7 great audio into SW MI tonight.
0122 YL  Mix R Intl. ID
0125 Easy listening instrumental music

0135 Also Heard on W3HFU Westminster, MD, USA | Grid FM19mq, ASL 290m
0139 YL id, then OM ID

0240 S4-6 moderate fades playing unid music OM vocal
0247  getting weaker here.

Thanks SIGINT I will update the title.

0255 Much better sig (Had the wrong antenna on) Deep sounding instr music

0050 On and near 6885 For a few minutes, very wide signal. Gone by 0100
Played Gary Neuman, Cars.

Possibly/ likely Mix Radio tuning up. Same wide signal and music styles.

0050  Sound track with YL  Leave it to Beaver dialog
S6 good audio...
0101 Decent audio unid music
0107 The King!-- Blue suede shoes
0124 unid soundtrack into mix of voice and music...
0129 ID? ...Earth station... robotic voice  and signal is gone.
Thanks for the broadcast!!

0151 S7 weakish audio into SW MI. Instrumental music
0058 Better audio, fading in.
0059 More 70-80's soundtrack music
0115 ID by YL, couldn't make it out

Shortwave Broadcast / RTV du Mali 5995 AM 0645 UTC 4 July 2021
« on: July 04, 2021, 0659 UTC »
0645 Signal 4-5 Just above the noise. African sounding instrumental music, Unid voices / news.
 Just at Malian sunrise. Did not hear ID. Online verification not available afaik.
0656 Brief announcement then back to music.

0206  S7 Good audio w/ mod fading Trippy instrumental music
0209 Robotic voice. Can not make it out. Into more instrumental music
0214 Time pips over music
0218 Time pips over music / Synth voice over music... "temperature much too low for us to survive..."
0225 Apparently Leave it to Beaver dialog
0229 Back to instr music
Thanks for the broadcast - Cool program
0239  Synth vioce: We have no interest... End of message...
0240 The King! Blue Suede shoes..  (Uhh HUH!)
0244:45 Time pips
0302 Pips and Off the Air

Cool program thanks!

S 8-9 Strong audio, slight fades. Via KA1GJU NH SDR
2344 come on people now - The Youngbloods
2349 Too good to be true - Four Seasons

S 8 moderately strong audio and deeper fades then NH.  From MLA 30 in SW MI.
2354 California girls - Beach Boys
2358 ID Mix radio international   *June 6th 1944 remembrance
0007 We're Gonna Hang Out The Washing On The Seigfried Line ...?
0018 Andrews Sisters -The Four King Sisters - In the mood 

Nice sound tonight, using wide usb 5-6 khz  Thanks For the broadcast!

0105 WW2  6/6 News  Broadcasts
0106 Boogie-woogie bugle boy - Andrews Sisters
0112 ID Op Overlord...  ... in cooperation of two stations working together....

S 3-6 moderate fades In SW MI
0133 Music with dogs over dubbed
0135 WDOG ID
0137 Seems to be gone...
Now on 6930 (?)

0142 Fading in..
0144 "WDOG on shortwave" ID then into In the summertime "Sunny Afternoon" The Kinks
0150 Summer in the city. Lovin Spoonful   Hotter than a matchhead
0155 Otis Reading Dock of the bay

0201 Abrupt change to 6933 (hit the vfo?) lol.
0205 To 6935  to 6930
0207 6933 again.
0216 ID and still on 6933
0223 Fading in very well! S8
0224 Neil young I think

0241 Beatles "Sun" then Off the air. Thanks for the broadcast!

QSO's mostly from Catskills Mtns in NY to mid-west; OH, IL, MI, WI, IA, WY
S 2-4 with great audio. Signal is as good on the MLA then on the discone.
First experience with 10M FM.
29.600 and 29.640 also, with weaker signals. Listening since 2230 utc.
The notch filter does not seem to work well on 10M.....
0033 29.640 London, Ontario, NY state on MLA 30

0215 S 3-4 Very weak audio with occasional slow fade-in's
0217 unknown music
0222 OTA or deep fade
0225 Barely heard again in the noise w/ music. Quick fading. Rotating MLA not helping.
0231 Still in there barely. ID I think. Tried NH SDR nothing heard.
0238 Back in weak. Music
0248 Hear a slight carrier on usb - no audio
0250 assuming Off the air.

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