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MW Free Radio / Re: 1620 New Pirate
« on: May 18, 2021, 0931 UTC »
Hey Chris,

Completely understood, OK on all.


MW Free Radio / Re: 1620 New Pirate
« on: May 17, 2021, 1951 UTC »
Hey Chris.

What type of music does WEDG play- anything like I described ?

If approximate it’s QTH can be given that would be helpful.

If that QTH info is “not available”, that’s fine as well. Just narrowing things down to see if it there is even a remote chance it was  WEDG.


MW Loggings / Hodge Podge
« on: May 17, 2021, 1145 UTC »
Hey All.

 From 5/16 and 5/17 -A mix and match of day and night, in NOISY apt  or in park across the street, using  Super Radio I and  basic Select-A-Tenna. Sorry about the sloppy report , but a wild weekend .I went to  BIG radio flea market,  much unpacking/testing goodies, etc, etc.

Day/  QTH : QRN quiet park - solid WFAN 660, WCBS 880 (etc)  and also 1620 pirate ( in full QSB). Tried for WINS 1010 but it copied WCNL on 1010 in NH instead (  I really want NYC daytime on 1010, so maybe a bigger loop next time). Broke off  as rain/ occasional  lightning approached.

Night /apt  my BEST CFZM 740 Zoomer reception to date. I had the  usual 740 Khz 1/2 second consistent  "beat flutter" and roller coaster propagation, but this time when Zoomer Zoomed, it REALLY Zoomed UP - VERY  BIG ! But as per usual , at times, it would completely collapse for extended periods. It's always very "moody" here with their null in my direction .  It's a  real study in night time BCB propagation.  Extremely touchy and exacting placement of rcvr and loop required ( ie down to around  1/8 to 1/4 " !!). The Zoomster is up  against monster local Co channel WJIB . Even when  the JIBer is  at night power (5 W), it "lights up the room" being  line of sight at a just a few miles.

KDKA 1020, WSB 750 ,CMLA /R. Progresso 640 all MIA.

Other misc goodies logged, but frankly, lost in the "blur".

Also just for giggles I did a bit of lightning "DFing" on 530 khz  comparing to IPhone lighting map.

I also found out my kitchen seem a BIT less noisy (FWIW).


MW Free Radio / UNID 1620 AM 1900 UTC 16 May 2021
« on: May 17, 2021, 1110 UTC »
Hey All.

5/16/21 ,1900 UTC, 1620 Khz (?), GE Super Radio I , Basic Select -A -Tenna (no jack)   tried for grins, but mostly not needed. QTH park across the street from my  (NOISY !!!) apt. Just 150 ft makes a HUGE difference, electrically much more  quiet there !

Some  loud Goth / very heavy screaming guitar ,  but also some really  soft stuff ( ex : a cover of   "Scarborough Fair" by a female singer).  Young/ Caucasian sounding announcer. At times full QSB ( in blasting full daylight) , so maybe a"short" NVIS skywave (??) at less than 200 mi (??). Who knows, could be "closer".  But rains/ with  occasional lightning began to approach  , so without a good ID I abandoned the "Dxpedition" (Hi).

I just bought this radio, so not sure how high it tops out, gotta run a sig gen  check when I get a chance . But it definitely  does have some "head room" - CHRN 1610 was an easy catch the night  before  ( up against local flame thrower WUNR on 1600) and it still  squeaked a bit higher than them. I think I had a TINY bit of play above the pirate as well, so I am going with 1620.Some say SR-1's top at 1630, but again , gotta check.

Web address sounded something like heardonradio.com (??) but it was no  good on Google.

WEDG ? Unsure of probability.


Weather / Cumulus w/ Rainbow
« on: May 12, 2021, 2154 UTC »
Hey All,

Kind of an interesting afternoon. Nice "pop up"  showers (more noted in Northern New England), but a few  moderate or better  ones near Boston as well . We haven't had a convective event of this type in quite a while.  Cu bases at around FL 4.0. Decent moderate rainbow as shower  to N   tower passes SE. Extremely brief and exceptionally light rain shower at my QTH in far western part of Boston.


  Hey Chris ,

Thanks for the  info.


Hey All,

LONG shot on this one- but :

I am wondering about   pics  I saw MANY,MANY  years ago of an antenna in Israel. (If we could , please leave politics and "current events" out of  any replies- strictly  a technical discussion -thanks).

I believe that the Israelis had a "hardened" antenna  (if I recall correctly)  for AM broadcast. It consisted of  heavy steel I  beams welded in series  stood off on large insulators , very close to the ground (6' up ?) .There may have been protective earthen dikes around it as well.

Probably a miserable  pattern for local ground wave but maybe via NVIS- MAYBE ??  . But if one really cranked up the juice then tuned  and loaded it properly, I suppose it COULD  ground  wave  "radiate" MAYBE enough to cover a limited area ( ie maybe just  around Tel Aviv ?). If nothing else, a fascinating technical concept (re being bomb "resistant"), even if it was a real dog re power in vs. power out.  Transmitter was likely in a bunker.

I can't find a THING about this online and I can only imagine it may be long gone by now.

It also seems that Israel in general  is now completely off of the AM broadcast band for ALL (ALL) outlets and that Kol Yisrael is also long gone off shortwave (  anyone ,any info  ?).

Israeli Army Radio / Galgalatz now seems to be on FM only as well. Not sure if the I beam antenna was theirs or not for civil defense purposes. Also WAY, WAY back in the day, I THINK they were also  on shortwave, maybe using  SSB (anyone, any info,  frequencies used /mode ?).

I have personally seen "a sort of" "hardened" antenna  on the Maginot Line Fortifications near Bitche, France. Large steel brackets on a vertical wall held a  large gauge   long wire antenna on heavy insulators. Certainly  not  nearly as beefy as an I beam antenna, but "tough enough" against small arms fire ( I guess) .

de K

Weather / Re: No Drought About It
« on: May 10, 2021, 1807 UTC »
 Indeed, lots of cool fun.

MW Loggings / Re: 1710 AM, TIS WQFG689, Hackensack NJ
« on: May 10, 2021, 1803 UTC »
Hey Poacher,

This one has been fairly often by folks.

 See my X band report below.

Weather / No Drought About It
« on: May 05, 2021, 1317 UTC »
Hey All,

After a long  and somewhat worrying dry spell, we are FINALLY getting "some" rains.

Localized dry air incursion has been a problem here. Systems move in , but then get locally desiccated, so that the heavier precip becomes more spotty. I haven't seen a generalized widespread are of "moderate to heavy" of rain that lasts very long for a quite a while.

Although we are  sort of drifting back toward an average rainfall total for the year, I'd still like to see more water and faster , if I could.I like to look at the 300 MB future depiction animation as my general guide to at least a few days out.

FWIW, I was a   volunteer for  10 years plus  at the 135 year old Blue Hill Weather Observatory/ Climatelogical Research Station in Milton, MA  (as radioman deluxe, mechanic, clerical, chief cook /bottle washer, some observation work, etc, etc). But other life commitments forced me to eventually  drift down from the hill.


MW Loggings / Re: CHHA 1610 AM 0755 UTC May 1, 2021
« on: May 05, 2021, 1248 UTC »
Hey All,

Even with the null in my direction,it is a fairly easy catch here.

Especially if you can "throw a bit of water" onto local bonfire WUNR 1600.


MW Loggings / X Band Report
« on: April 29, 2021, 1203 UTC »
Hey All.

1900 local yesterday, on car radio, parked on a very busy road with lots of moderate height buildings all  around.Twilight , but definitely not fully dark yet. A quick screaming band scan while  waiting for wife in store .

1610 CHNA  ONT weak to fair
1620 misc ,mostly weak
1630 misc , mostly weak
1640 misc , mostly weak
1650 French, up and down , good at times. New skywave Haitian pirate ? A bit of  doubt it was CKZW or CINA, but dunno.
1660 WWRU NJ good to strong
1670 weak, mostly  misc
1680 WTTM NJ good to strong
1690 misc, mostly weak
1700 WRCR NYC mostly good
1710 WQFG689 NJ way up and way down, often fair to good. A nice  catch,definitely the pick of the litter.

Re : "misc , mostly weak "- some could have been legit dx, some may have been local images from lower in band. Again ,  a bit pressed for time, so I didn't really wait long for stuff to rise up, like I normally would have.Just gave the dial  quick whirl .


MW Loggings / Re: CFZM Zoomer 740
« on: April 29, 2021, 1142 UTC »
Hey Guys,


Maybe the JIBber is off a bit. No biggie though and actually a "good" thing. When the Zoomster is just barely starting to creep up from zero signal the flutter begins. It is actually a useful indicator  that Zoomer might be "up" soon, it begins LONG before any useful audio is copied. At least in this case, it's actually more useful than a BFO

I am sure everyone here has parked on a ""totally vacant" frequency  and inserted a beat oscillator  to note the presence of a station that has not risen   up into ANY audio yet. Then the wait begins to see if it ever makes it or not ( a regenerative   receiver is great for  doing this )

Same thing with  the Radio Reloj  "RR" cw id on the minute. I copy the CW around five times as often as any actual    useful audio, which is usually gets crunched  by a US  Co channel station anyways.On the  old R70 or 71a  I used to be able to  eliminate  any US stations on frq   so that I heard nothing but "RR" every minute ( but  with  no RR audio either) . Kind of neat the tricks you can pull, even on a good  analog rig.I can only imagine the possibilities of an  SDR.

I too really like the Zoomer  format and play list. But they they only deliver fair or better signal  maybe 10 % of the time here.


MW Loggings / Re: CFZM Zoomer 740
« on: April 28, 2021, 1840 UTC »
We are on the same channel, I too thought of sending for a paper QSL from Zoomer. Probably won’t bother now.

MW Free Radio / Re: UNID 1634.10 AM 15:47 UTC April 27 2021
« on: April 28, 2021, 1837 UTC »
Hey Stretch.

Yup. A lot of things done differently here.

Like no LW broadcasting.

I worked with 9 Kc while I lived in Europe, but like 10 Kc spacing a bit better.


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