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Marginal signal here in western MA. I did hear "This is The Vault" but I'm not sure if that's a station ID or program name.

UPDATE: I see my original post got moved to the European Pirate thread. This is the first time I've ever heard a European pirate - I had no idea!

Heard some disco, some weird sounds that sounded vaguely like OTHR (although it wasn't "on top" of any other audio and was roughly the same signal strength, so I assume it was the pirate), then more music. Signal weak, hovering around S2.

Clear S6 signal here in western MA.

Barely audible over the noise here in western MA. Signal is around S4. I can hear CCR's "The Old Man Down the Road," though.

My first-ever logging on HF Underground! Signal is strong with some minor fading here in western MA. Heard station ID at beginning of transmission with "Radio Illuminati" and "Stand by for clandestine (message? transmission?)"

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