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UnID 9940 kHz AM 21:35 UTC 31 May 2021. SINPO 55344.
Great signal, but suffering from noise interference. No top of the hour ID. Can't find this frequency for WRMI, WTWW or WWCR. Nothing appears in SWL references for this time and frequency.

21:35 The History of Rock and Roll program.
21:35 Song: "Breathless" by Jerry Lee Lewis.
21:39 Announcement about the K7RCA hamfest in Minden, Nevada, Saturday, June 5.
21:40 Begin Elvis segment of the program.
21:43 Song "That's All Right" by Elvis.
More early Elvis songs.
21:43 Advertisement for Chameleon ham antennas.
21:55 Song: "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis.
21:50 Song: "Hound Dog" by Elvis.
22:01 Song: "Don't Be Cruel" by Elvis.
22:03 Song: "Love Me Tender" by Elvis.
22:07 Song: "All Shook Up" by Elvis.
22:22 Song: "Now or Never", by Elvis
22:25 Song: 'Are You Lonesome Tonight" by Elvis.
22:28 Advertisement for The Cobweb antenna from MFJ.
22:29 Song: "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" by Elvis.
22:32 Song: "Return to Sender" by Elvis.
Whoever is broadcasting this is pitching advertisements towards hams and SWLs.

Came back to try for an ID. Turns out is is WTWW, but not listed for this frequency.
22:51 "Song Suspicious Minds:, by Elvis.
22:54 Song: "Burning Love" by Elvis.
22:58 Announcement about the K7RCA hamfest in Minden, Nevada, Saturday, June 5.
22:59 ID: "WTWW, Lebanon, Tennessee".
22:00 Song: "Honey Love" by The Drifters.

QSLs Received / Re: Burry Cookie Hour eQSL Show #7
« on: May 31, 2021, 2046 UTC »
Received The Burry Cookie Hour eQSL today. Thank you, BCH!

UnID 6880 kHz USB? 23:55 UTC 30 May 2021. SINPO 25221

23:55 Something is there on 6880 kHz. Male speaker. Intermittent. Mentioned "music". Too much noise to make out anything else.

Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 00:22 UTC 30 May 2021. SINPO 55455.

Excellent signal in Northern Virginia, overcoming background noise.

00:22 Song: "I Feel Good" by James Brown.
00:25 ID as Wolverine Radio.
00:30 Song: "Hello, i Love You" by The Doors.
00:32 ID as Wolverine Radio.

Great program!

6925 AM 01:35 UTC 29 MAY 2021 SINPO 35332.

Not a bad signal, but frequent deep fading here in Northern Virginia.

01:35 Song: "Muscle Shoals" by Donnie Fritts.
01:40 Song: "Muscles" by Diana Ross.
01:44 Song: "Rat Bones" by The Hentchmen.
01:47 Song: "Bones By My Bedside" by The Hexxers.
01:48 ID jingle by female voices: "WBOG". Marimba music.
01:48 Music: "Steel Bones" by Bernie Green.
01:52 Song.
Now deep fading. Songs playing but not audible above the noise level.
01:58 SINPO 25221.

Interestingly themed show!

Other / WA3UKC 7200 LSB 27 May 2021 CQ With Recorded YL Voice
« on: May 27, 2021, 0330 UTC »
WA3UKC 7200 LSB 02:32 UTC 27 May 2021.

02:32 Calling CQ With YL Voice.
02:35 QSO with KB3DOR, now in male voice. It turned out he had been using the recorded voice of "Amanda" to send his CQ calls.

Reminded me of an article in Popular Electronics in the 1960s about a ham who had a neighbor YL doing his CQs for him in the hope of attracting DX stations. This was the first time I'd actually heard this done in practice!

WDOG 6925 USB 01:50 UTC 27 May 2021. SINPO 35344.

Caught the "tail end" of the show.

01:50 Male speaker: "... Dial it Down, Dog ..."
01:51 Song: "From the Beginning".
01:53 CW over song.
01:55 Male speaker: "Where is this Morse Code coming from? Who knows Morse Code anymore? No one knows what you're saying".
01:55 ID: "This is WDOG".
01:56 Song
01:59 CW over song.
02:00 Carrier.
02:03 Off.

Not bad in Northern Virginia despite local thunderstorms.

WTF Radio 6925 USB 02:12 UTC 23 MAY 2021 SINPO 35333

State songs program. Enjoyable!

02:12 Song: Oklahoma!. Finale from the musical Oklahoma!
02:15 Song: Oregon, by Sleepover.
0218. Male speaker: "By request ... The great state of Pennsylvania ..."
02:18 Song

Signal was quite good, but deep fade to nothing at 02:20.

Radio Free Whatever 6955 USB 01:02 UTC 23 May 2021. SINPO 35333.

01:02 Song.
01:05 Male speaker. Talk about Radio Free Whatever T-shirts.
01:07 Song: "Feast on My Heart" by Pylon.
01:10 Song by Habitat.
01:15 "Radio Free Whatever". "Rollback to the girl bands of the 90s ..."
01:15 Song

Conditions degrading to SINPO 35232.

Channel 292 9670 AM 22:50 UTC 22 May 2021. SINPO 35343.

22:50  Relay of Radio Waves International program. Songs in French.
22:56  Radio Waves International ID.
23:00  Program about pirate radio in Ireland in 1979.
23:13  Audio clips of Irish pirate broadcasters.
23:16  Description of the debut of RTE Radio Two in 1979.

Burry Cookie Hour 5185 AM 00:50 UTC. 22 May 2021. SINPO 45444.

Pretty good in Northern Virginia, with intermittent strong static.

00:50 Song: "Aja".
00:54 Male speaker: "Good Evening short wave listeners. This is your host, Peter Lorre".  ... pirate ..." [Lost in static burst.] Thank you for listening to the Burry Cookie Hour. Stand by for ..." [Then repeated.]
00:56 SSTV transmissions. [I was able to copy the last one. My first SSTV copy!!]
01:00 The Star-Spangled Banner (instrumental).
01:02 Off.

Goat Herder Radio 6934 USB 23:09 UTC 16 May 20121. SINPO 45454. Great signal in Northern Virginia.

23:09 Male speaker. "We know we're bounding off the moon". (Repeated three times.)
23:10 "... not from Goat Herder".
23:11 "Picking final going away song".
23:12 Doesn't want to do Beatles or U2.
23:13 Song: "Magic" by Coldplay.
23:15 (Noise level now coming up.)
23:19 Off?

Mix Radio. 6865 USB 15-16 May 2021. SINPO 45444. Very good signal tonight at 23:58 UTC.

23:58: Song: A Question of Time.
00:02 Song: White Wedding.
00:06 Announcement.
00:06 Song.
00:11 ID: "This is the sound of Mix Radio International". Stand by for a program from CoolAM Radio.
00:11 Song: Money, That's What I Want.
00:14 ID as Mix Radio International. Stand by for a program from CoolAM Radio.
00:14 Song.
00:17 ID: You're Listening to MRI, Mix Radio International".
00:17 Song.
00:23 ID: "Mix Radio International. More music, less BS".

01:40 Signal strength holding, but noise coming up. SINPO 45343. Dance music program now.
01:44 Female voice: "Thank you for your signal reports  ... Mix Radio International".
01:48 "I Know What Boys Like".
01:51 ID: "The sound of free independent music on shortwave, Mix Radio International".
01:56 Song: "Train In Vain".
01:58 ID: Mix Radio International".
01:58 Song.
02:02 Female voice: "Thanks for listening. ... Mix Radio International".

Signal now decaying into the noise.

WTF Radio 6860 AM 01:19 UTC 15 May 2021. Signal improving from SINPO 34332 to SINPO 35333.

01:19 Talk
01:20 Song: Video Killed the Radio Star.
01:23 ID: "... on WTF Radio ... Thanks for tuning in ... Here's something new ... Have a good night".
01:23 Instrumental music.
01:26 Off

MW Loggings / UnID 1670 kHz 05:40 UTC 14 May 2021
« on: May 14, 2021, 1842 UTC »
UnID 1670 kHz 05:40 UTC 14 May 2021. SINPO 34443.

Unidentified on 1670 playing 60s-80s pop music.

Ruling out CJEU, it was not in French and not children's music.
Ruling out WMGE, it was not News/Talk.
Ruling out WOZN, it was not Sports.

What is XECFR?

Good and steady signal in Northern Virginia from 05:40 to 05:55 but no discernible ID. Heavy interference from 05:55 wiped out MW except for local stations.

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