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2237 UTC Seed of Memory Terry Reid
2238 UTC Bad Sneakers Steely Dan
2242 UTC Long Promised Road Beach Boys
2244 UTC Jumpin' Jack Flash Amazonics

S7+ With Peskies Here In Ma. on RSPdx Direct
I Believe This Is USB

no, it's LSB, there is a different broadcast on USB

playing a mix of old school country, classic rock, and patriotic music it seems
22:30 - Alice DJ - Better Off Alone
22:31 - Off?
yah, peskies have taken over the freq now.

22:42 - suddenly back with a clear signal with Amazonics - Jumpinī Jack Flash
22:49 - Off again?

23:18 - Sex Pistol - Lonely Boy
23:20 - Ballad in Italian
23:24 - Radio Genix ID + Paul Anka - Lonely Boy
23:27 - Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue

S4 - S7 on The Vermont Mountaintop SDR, quite clear with a but of static

Very Good reception

2254 "Don't Come Back" Wishbone Ash

that's the USB station, the LSB one was off when you posted that.

Just so you know the going back to unid wasn't my trying to circumvent your edit because I thought I was more right than you or something, I just happened to be editing at the same time.

0020 Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
0023 Bee Gees - Staying Alive
0027 goth rock song
0028 Radio Genix ID
0029 Dexys Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen

S5 - S7 Vermont Mountaintop SDR
Noisy but readable

Hmmm, I was just about to report this one as a europirate
This is coming in best on SDRs in the UK and the only SDRs in the US I can get it in are in the southeast, and even then it's very faint, interesting.

0600 ID as Denis(?) Classic Rock

0632 Off in the middle of rolling stones song

also heard an ID several times but the fist part of it was hard to make out each time, was almost leaning towards it being Zenith Classic Rock which was last logged on the europirate forums in Feb, but I'm not so sure now since it seems that usually operated in the 39XX range.

I checked the European loggings too - lot's of poorly timed static crashes...hoping still.

Well it not being logged there doesn't mean that it's not a euro, just that no one has picked it up
Seems that not many people listen for euro pirates at this time anyhow.
That being said the ID voice was certainly American and USB seems a bit odd for a europirate.


There was already a thread for that station here

0405 Dell Shannon - My Little Runaway
0407 dead air
0409 space rock song

0435 SSTV that was too garbled to post, but it was my forum name, thanks for the shoutout

0446 "Remember no mater where you go, there you are... and I'm getting the hell out of here, have a good night" + Blues rock song
0455 SSTV that I didn't catch because I'm a dope
0456 Off
S7 - S8 N1NTE SDR4

Thanks for the late night show.

0007 - Remix of Blue Monday with female vocals and lewd moaning
0013 ID Radio 48 and into EBM music
0017 ID "You are listening to Radio 48 The station that dares to be different" + Saliva - Always

0033 Porno for Pirates - Pets
0034 Radio company commercial (skit?)
0035 ID (with a member of the band Snot? That's surprising for a pirate it I heard correctly)

0049 Butthole Surfers - Pepper (remix)
0053 ID + Song (Noise is getting worse)

S9 - S10 K3FEF/W3TKP in Milford PA SDR
Possibly the station from 6930

North American Shortwave Pirate / UnID 6930 USB 2350 UTC 5 Aug 2021
« on: August 05, 2021, 2355 UTC »
2350 - Electronic music/noise and indiscernible talking
2356 - Either Off or lost in the noise

S7 - S9 but week in the noise on K3FEF/W3TKP Milford PA SDR

been listening since the start of the broadcast
couldn't catch the SSTV at the start or the second one
and heard what sounded like "kandi oh kandi"...
enjoying the blues though

0327 The Cars - Dangerous Type  ;D

0334 The Cars - Candy-O lol

0340 Golden Earring - Twilight Zone (walked away for a bit)

S3 - S7 on the Ashley Falls, MA SDR but sounds good

0034 Caught the tail end of what I think was "this is the cat's eye"
0035 California Dreaming "School of Rock" [?] (not Mommas and Poppas, he said it was their grandchildren)
0037 Zekey talking, keeping his trade secrets
0039 John Denver - Country Roads

S6 - S7 Ashley Falls, MA KiwiSDR with digital interference

2345 old timey jazz
2347 Three Dog chatting
this is Galaxy News Radio from the video game Fallout 3
(I should know, I've played a lot of that game)

0002 SSTV, hopefully some one else captured it because I didn't have the SSTV extension on because I didn't expect it on a broadcast like this.

0014 a reminder that anything goes on pirate radio ;)
0018 SSTV the kiwisdr extension didn't recognize it though....

0047 OFF

S5 - S7 Vermont Moutaintop SDR

Thanks wasteland radio for the shout out in the SSTV and thanks to raypfaff for the capture.  ;D
Also, I always wondered if the name Wasteland Radio was a reference to the Fallout games, I guess this confirms that, lol

As a side note that probably no one cares about, this theme goes well with my current watching project, I'm trying to watch every WB theatrical short cartoon starting with the 1930s stuff that few people have seen, lots of music like this in it, lol

There were 2 more after, one that showed up as a jumbled mess and one that didn't capture at all (but I think that might have been my fault)

2256 instrumental Rock music, going in and out of the noise
2259 Spacey instrumental Jazz fusion
2303 Another Jazz Fusion song, seems to have vocals this time
2310 Tones/Digital noise?
2312 electronic music, thought it was just thumping and digital noise at first, noise is getting worse
2318 Indie Rock music with male vocals
2323 middle eastern sounding electronic music.

2336 Instrumental Jazz music, the type you would hear on hold lines in the 70s
2338 metalcore

S5 - S7 Vermont Mountaintop SDR

People are saying Nowhere Radio, and from the content I'd agree, but it's been a while since I've caught them, but I remember them usually not skimping on IDs and I haven't heard one at all yet so I'm leaving it as presumed until I or some one else hears one, just wanted to explain my logic a bit.

2114 EDM cover of In the Air Tonight.
2117 Dance remix of one of the blues versions of Black Betty. (the vocals didn't sound like they were from the Ram Jam version to me, it's an old blues standard that might date back to the early 1900s)

S9 and pretty clear on Vermont Mountaintop SDR

Might try my home setup soon.

2155 Picked up on my DX-160 with my weird wire antenna that right now is crisscrossing over my apt ceiling with what sounded like old on hold music
2157 ID

was fading in and out of the (presumed environmental) noise but was very clear at points

a carier and just barely audible music under the noise on Mountain Top Vermont KiwiSDR
it says S7 but that's entirely useless in this case




0217 SSTV of white on black text that copied so poorly I'm not even going to bother posting it, all that's readable is "radio"
0218 Tone and off

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