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2350 The Doors - Set the night on fire
2352 Greg Kihn Band -- The Break Up Song
2356 The Hollies - Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)

lots of digital interrupting the music with a moderately weak signal

vermont mountaintop kiwiSDR S5

2214 "a potpourri of music"
2215 chatter and goats
2216 plays wrong version of a song
2219 Herman's Hermits
2222 playing more Herman's Hermits

s5 - s7 from the vermont mountaintop kiwiSDR
I'm done trying to log since I'm screwing up too much

Signal much weaker than last Pancho Villa broadcast, barely audible still using mountaintop SDR in vermont, may switch to another SDR or go to my personal radio and see if I can get in better where I'm at.

was able to get it on utah kiwisdr 5
0125 bit with pancho visiting bill and monika

seems to be the same broadcast as earlier so 73s

<<2348- Another op playing an OM recording on this same frequency, saying something about Pancho.>>

Didn't hear that on the vermont SDR I'm using, but did hear "This is Texas Radio International" over the Pancho ID. (apparently this was just the relay ID and not the pirate that was trying to hijack like I originally thought.)

2356: now hearing some undercirnable talking under the pancho villa signal seems to be making fun of pancho villa from what little I can make out.

By the way, Pancho Villa signal is very clear on the Vermont Mountain Top kiwiSDR.

S8 - S9

Thanks for the Pancho craziness, I really enjoyed that.

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