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Very sad but understandable.

 It's probably jamming back because shortwaveservice.com from Kall-Krekel has been jamming M21 regularly in the last few days and CH292 for 12 years.


The jamming comes from Kall-Krekel again.

After 12 years of constant jamming, it's taking our friend DF5XV a little longer to stop doing that.

but he will learn it too.....

 ;) ;) ;) ;)

New information about jamming from shortwaveservice.com

For everyone who still thinks it's a rumor. ;) Now it is clearly and unequivocally proven!

👉 Current information about jamming from shortwaveservice.com / Kall in the channel292 newsletter:

"Finally in 2021 we could finish our lawsuit against the
transmitter site in Kall. Already some years ago Kall was
located as the source of jamming of our frequencies 3955
and 6070 kHz by the Bundesnetzagentur (BNA); even
during this lawsuit still in progress, we still were jammed
on 3955 kHz, and again the BNA located Kall as perpetrator.
Now the person in charge of the transmitters signed in
court a declaration to cease and desist enforced by penalty,
so we hope that this bollocks finally stopped.'

Due to the threat of punishment, they no longer dare to interfere with channel 292, but continue to jam at other stations.(still)  ;D

Here you can see the technical boss DF5XV, with a particularly serious demeanor and with a bottle of beer in hand, he introduces the transmitter systems to the unsuspecting RadioMiAmigo customers.


We know this.

And the signal also came from Kall.

Our listeners are getting more and more angry.



This is the site in Kall from shortwaveservice.com.
Under this is an old bunker system where they have installed their transmitters and jammers.
The property is leased from Vodafone.
They use broadband antennas they can be adjusted accordingly.

DF5XV, Burghard Baumgartner lives in the house.

He is the responsible technician on site and has direct access to these transmitters and can also switch them on for illegal broadcasts.

here is the answer why this people do this:

That is the primary motives like envy and resentment.
These people see themselves as God and inviolable . They are pure egoists.
They believe that only they have the sole right to be on the shortwave.
They don't accept other competitors. They have little self-confidence and no conscience.

That is why licensed and free non-commercial stations have been disrupted from the side for 12 years and their names insulted or even threatened. (channel 292 a other) There have already been several proceedings against www.shortwaveservice.com.

The German authorities have determined this several times, but they have not yet been held accountable through clever tricks and lies. We ourselves were there yesterday and determined the location and secured evidence. Audio and video material is available.

But those responsible for jamming will know that pirate channels can broadcast, but not have to, and that they do so from everywhere and always from different locations;)

Therefore, a company like shortwaveservice, which is dependent on customers, a license and much more, is now on very thin ice ...... more than any pirate broadcaster.

Meanwhile, our many listeners are also getting very angry.

As info for everyone to make public!

The jamming came again from the well-known location 53925 Kall, Auf der Heide 1  Responsible technician on site DF5XV Burghard Baumgartner.

Responsible is https://www.millingbroadcast.services/ and https://www.shortwaveservice.com/index.php/de/.

I don't think his customers know about the illegal activities of this station !

These include stations such as Radio Tirana, Radio Belarus, Radio Vatican, Radio Slovakia, and Swiss Radio SRF, Radio MiAmigo and others.

A friendly agreement cannot be reached with them. Several attempts have been made. ;)

M21 and all friends

edit by Ray : this was a reply to the current report about Mystery Radio 21 Jammed on 4860 AM on 04 Nov 2021, but is not strictly a standard report about one transmission. Same thing for the replies below it. As that can go on for a while, I split the debate from the reports, and modify the subject.

Dear listeners,

The jamming of our broadcast came again from the known location of www.shortwaveservice.com, address: Auf der Heide 1 ,  53925 Kall, Germany.

Several radio amateurs were directly at this location this evening and determined it with the appropriate measuring equipment.

1811 S9+20-30 dB  on Bavaria SDR   Message in a bottle  8)

The conscious jamming comes again from the licensed German shortwave station https://www.shortwaveservice.com/index.php/de/ from Kall / Eifel Germany. The responsible technician is DF5XV.

 The station is owned by https://www.millingbroadcast.services/dienstleistungen. The German authority has clearly identified the Kall location.

 Until now, they have not had to pay a fine by lying and talking.

It is incomprehensible that known troublemakers can continue without consequences.

On the video you can see DF5XV presenting his transmitter with a beer bottle in hand.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9jGN22fry4&t=246s  ???

Yes, there is a long history.

The licensed station channel292 was regularly disrupted from there over a period of 12 years. the authority is therefore still very interested in bringing this case to a close at some point.

It should now be thought about informing the customers of https://www.shortwaveservice.com/index.php/de/ and https://www.millingbroadcast.services/dienstleistungen about the disruptive activities that are being broadcast by their transmitters.

Jamming comes from the site of the commercial radio station "shortwaveservice.com"

The technician in charge is Burghard Baumgartner, DF5XV.

The German authority has clearly proven illegal broadcasting activities from this location in Kall / Eifel Germany over a period of 10 years!

After a long break, the targeted disturbances have now started again.

.... The jug goes around until it breaks at some point ..... ;)

Hello dear listeners,

we are sorry that we always had to change the frequency so often.
Most likely the interference came from the DF5XV or someone who runs the commercial shortwave radio station "shortwaveservice.com" in Kall / Germany. From there, there have been demonstrably free and commercial stations such as channel292 disturbed. The authorities know it, but have not yet been able to achieve anything, but are grateful for any disruptive broadcast from there.  8)


We will keep you up to date!    73.....M21 :D

2202  S9+ on W1NT SDR  The Vault is back.  Thanks for the nice show!  8)

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