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Strong signal in western NY on 6920 at 0217

0217z   James Gang "Funk 49"
0220    ID by female "EIB Radio", "The Request Line is Open"
0221     Voice: "Allow the world to live as it chooses"
0221    Announces a song by the Pretenders, but I think this is something else
0229    Request lines are open ... I hope everyone is having a fine evening ... Danger Kitty ... I will wait"
0231    "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" with owl hoots
0243     Request lines are open ... I hope everyone is having a fine evening ... Danger Kitty ... I will wait"

Drake R8B, 600 foot longwire

Please QSL to jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(com)

Fair signal in western NY, best audio at 6935.05 USB

0151z   First IDable song, "Everybody Wants to Rule thje World" by Tears for Fears
0155     ID in distorted voice: "Worldwide Basement Radio"
0205     "I'll Be There" by the Four Tops
0207     ID
0214     Stevie Wonder

Drake R8B, 600 ft longwire west
Southeast wire is stronger, but noisier

Please QSL at jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(dot)com if you find your way out of the basement!
Thanks for the show!

Loud and clear in western NY at 0130z

0130z   Make My Day / Pump Up the James
0133z   "Ball Smacker Radio", with bowling pins sfx

Drake R8B, 600 ft longwire

Good signal, bots of noise, in western NY at 0158z, best at 4.0 bandwidth, LSB

0158z   "Radio Titanic International"
0159z   talk mentions "13 thousand", hard to hear much else
0200z   "Radio Titanic International"
0202z   "Radio Titanic International"
0203z   Man speaking with music in the background
0207z   "RTI"
0211z   "Radio Titanic InternationL" (femnale voice), "17 years on shortwave"
0217z   Station address announced, but couldn't catch, maybe a post box in Germany?

Drake R8B, 600 fott longwire, aimed west, much poorer on 200 foot wire aimed southeast

Pse QSL if you survive the voyage to jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(dot)com

0131 Good signal in western NY

0132z  "Radio Free Whatever"
0136z  Op compains about interfering station, (I can hear it), but says program is coming to an end.
0147z  Song Credits from the Black Peas, and prviously "Cesspool", "See you next year", says the DJ, but then seems to indicate a return sooner than tha, "Don't stare at the eclipse"
0149z  Off

Thanks for the pre-eclipse show!

Drake R8B, 600 foot long wire west

please QSL or whatever at jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(dot).com

Good signal in western NY

0220z  Music
0223z  "Whatever", female voice
0227z  Final announcements, reviewing song titles, "My Head in a Hurricane", for one
0228z  "Good-bye, see ya!"

Drake R8B, 600 foot long wire aimed west

good signal in western NY

0319 UTC   shredding guitar pieces
0331 UTC  "Catch you guys later"

Drake R8B, 600 foot long wire aimed west

Fair signal into western NY on 6934.95

0307 UTC  "Some Enchanted Evening"
0312 UTC  "You are listening to Musical Soundtrack Radio", repeated several times.
                 E-mail address announced several time as "musicalsoundtrackradio@gmail.com", and invitation to offer music suggestions
0313 UTC  End of transmission

Thanks for show!

Draker R8B, 600 foot longwire west

Please QSL jim(dot)renfrerew(at)gmail(dot)com

Very poor in western NY

0114z  Music
0118z  "... Radio"
0119z  apperars to be gone

Fair signal in western NY, seems best on 6934.96  LSB
0228z  Some sort of Brit count-down
0235z  "Get Back" by the Beatles
2237z  Booker T and the MGs
2239z  "BBC World Service, coming up to 2325 Greenwich Mean Time", then bells
2239z  Jackie Wilson and "Higher and Higher", announcer refers to the Whitsun Holiday
0246z  "O Happy Day", by Edwin Hopkins Trio (program seems to be repeating)
0251z  "Love Me Tonight" by Tom Jones
0254z  "Tony Blacburn with BBC World Service", Smoky Robinson and the Miracles
0256z  "Dizzy"
0307z  Program is looping, once again, with Booker T.
0309z  It's off now after a few bongs from Big Ben

Drake R8B, 600 feet longwire aimed west

Thanks for the time warp!

Please QSL to jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(dot)com

0248z good signal in western NY, blues music, ID at 0256 "Captain Morgan Shortwave at gmail.com, then off.

Drake R8B, 600 foot long wire aimed west

Strong signal in western NY on 6963.6 khz

Announcements are hard to get even with a strong signal, computerized voice seems deliberately distorted

0158z   Electronic music
0203z   "Stern Radio" (thanks to others who have posted on this one, I thought I was hearing "Syko" or "Samurai" but now I hear "Stern")
0226z  "Stern Radio" with address for QSLs. but I copuldn't quite get it, even with a phonestic alphabet, maybe "sternradio666@", finishing with "Das ist Stern Radio"

Drake R8B, 600 foot longwire aimed west

Noisy, but fair signal into western NY

0317z  Only music so far. 

Drake R8B, 600 foot long wire

Decent signal in western NY, but with some noise tonight. First time I've heard this operator.

0249z "All I Wanna Do"
0253z "Channel 94" ID
0300z Seems like it left the air after mentioning "Channel 94 Shortwave several times.

Drake R8B, 600 foot longwire

Caught the tail end of Ball Smacker Radio at 0244z, fair signal into western NY.  Then off. 

Drake R8B, 600 foot long wire

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