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0531z AUG 29 2022

Playing Pink Floyd.  Only audible in AM mode, USB and LSB are hash

Jim Renfrew, western NY

0111z Grand Funk Railroad "I'm Getting Closer to My Home" or is it "I'm Your Captain"?
0119z WDOG Code ID in background, dog barking
0120z Interview (?) with Bob Jovi, I think it's a comedy bit

Jim Renfrew, western NY

6925 0244z

CHIL ID at 2244, mention of "monkey business engineer" "hope you're enjoying acid rock".

Strong signal, though the sound is a bit ragged.

Jim in western New York

Noted on 6920 at 0212z in western NY. Mash-up of a few lines "Nice to Meet You". Then an electronic voice reading postings on HF Underground. Mentions "Clever Name Radio".
0506 UTC Came back to listen at 0501z, a little outer space music, then "Hasta la vista, baby, I'll be back". Then seems to be gone.  Heard in western NY

pse qsl jim.renfrew@gmail,com

Finally, hearing more music than static on 6915 from my location in western NY. At 2356 playing music, Joe B?

0210z UNID music
0238z sfx - like electronic barking
0242 sfx - like FAX sounds

Poor in western NY

Heard at 0155z, AUG 21 2022, in Western NY
Fair, due to noise

ID as Whiskey-Whiskey-Whiskey-Whiskey, DJ Drunken Fox
Mentioned 300 watts
Into ACDC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"

Still a great signal on 6960.
Star Star by the Stones at 0258z
If you're not too drunk, a QSL would be nice!

Thanks for Train in Vain!

Train in Vain - The Clash

0143z in western NY
WDDR Drunken DJ Radio
Box Tops "Cry Like a Baby"
Good Signal

Noted with "WTF Radio" ID at 0227z on 6945 khz. I'm not familiar with any of the songs played so far.  A bit noisy, best in LSB

Jim in western New York
Drake R8B

6933 khz, 0144 - 0222z, May 8, 2022
Psychedelic Furs music, not too familiar with the titles, a number of "The Dog" and "WDOG" IDs throughout, I tuned away shortly after hearing "CQ CQ".

Signal quality fair to good in western NY.
Drake R8B

please QSL jim.renfrew@gmail..com

Thanks for the show!

6915 Loud and clear with Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf at 0028z.

Jim in western NY
Drake R8B


Poor, noisy, with music, best on 6949.7
2347 "Doctor My Eyes"

Jim in western NY

Drake R8B

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