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Solid signal in western NY on 4030 at 0138z, much better than 6960, funk music

Being heard in western NY, signal seems a bit wobbly
0129z Well-known "Whatever!" IDs

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west

Ballsmacker Radio 6060 being heard well in western NY.
0115z   Bowling pins sound effect, and ID as "Ballsmacker Radio"

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west

Strong signal in western NY

0006z   Billie Holiday, I think, "A Hundred Years from Today". It wasn't here a few minutes ago, so it just came on.
0009z   "Wolverine Radio", then "If Tomorrow Never Comes" (but that ain't Garth Brooks!)
0012z   Some sort of doo-wop country song
0014z  "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" by the Shirelles
0016z   Another "tomorrow" song =-seems like the theme is "tomorrow"!
0019z   "Live for Today" by the Grass Roots
0022z   "More Today Then Yesterday", by SPiral Staircase
0024z   "Wolverine Radio", then another "tomorrow" song
0027z   "The Time Has Come Today", by the Chambers Brothers
0032z   "Had to Cry Today" by Blind Faith. Blind Faith is always a good choice!
0841z   "Wolverine Radio", then something by "Cream"

Drake R8B, 600 ft longwire

I heard this one quite well with an ID at 0117 on May 6. 

0113 UTC   Music: "Ball and Chain"
0118 UTC   Clear ID as "Radio Vixen International"

I don't know if this has been before, but it's the first time I've heard it. 

2345 UTC, being heard in western NY. Dance music I don't recognize compounded by no1se

0008 UTC   signal now gone, just dance music and no announcements

Fair signal in western NY at 0145 UTC
0145 UTC   "Money" by Pink Floyd
0203 UTC   ""Ballsmacker Radio" QSL info

Strong signal on 6950 in western NY at 0200 UTC

CCR music, "Old Country Fields Back Home", Midnight Special

Drake R8B, 600 ft longwire west

Good signal in western NY at 0103z on 6925

Dr. B with observations, musical overlay.
"Dear God, give us a flood of water ..."

Drake R8B, 600 ft. longwire west

Weak in western NY at 2336 UTC
2326 UTC   "Sultans of Swing", by Dire Straits (I think)
2347 UTC   "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton
0006 UTC   SSTV (too weak to decode)
0015 UTC   Not well-heard, but a rant against critics and competitors

Drake R8B, 600 ft. longwire aimed west

Fair signal on 6930, noisy, in western NY

0142 UTC   Spacey music
0151 UTC   Incineration of the hobo clown, "that's why I don't go to the circus"
0154 UTC   Labyrinthe under the city streets, exploring swer culverts
0209 UTC   "I see more clearly now than ever before"
0210 UTC   "Pages of the Illuminati"
0217 UTC   "You have been listening to KIPM, Voyages of the Illuminatii, with Allen Maxwell"
0219 UTC   "Bon Soir"
0227 UTC   Howling wind

Thanks for the unique program!

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west
QSLs welcomed

Great signal is western NY

REQUEST Steve Goodman "Talking Backwards"

0126 UTC   "Suzy Q" by CCR
0130 UTC   WDDR, Drunken DJ Radio (Hey, I recognized the DJ's voice before the ID!)
0131 UTC   "Everything is Broken" by Dylan
0135 UTC   "We're Going to the Hop" by Joan Armatrading
0138 UTC   "WDDR", "not quite feeling the buzz"
0302 UTC   Dang, just came back from a rest room break and missed the SSTV. Hope you try it again. I'm trying to get the hang of decoding.
0303 UTC   "Trouble No More" by ABB
0309 UTC   SSTV - got it, though really poor image, a rectangular blue object, with red print at the bottom, trying to post the image here, but failing so far.  OK, someone posted a better scan showing what seems to be "Felix Chapel"

Drake R8B, 600 ft longwire
QSLs always welcomed

REQUEST Steve Goodman "Talking Backwards"

Fair signal, noisy, in western NY
0251 UTC -  Female speaker, talking about the common theme of all the music played tonight, Ballsmacker Radio e-mail address

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west

Fair signal, noisy, in western NY
0250 UTC - Story telling/monologue with music in the background, distorted voice, "Here we are at the beginning of a new era"
0300 UTC   "Another day"
0304 UTC   "I haven't dropped acid in twenty five years ... I focused on the pixels ... molecules vibrating ... having a flashback ..."
0308 UTC   "You've been listening to Undercover Radio", email address announced.

Haven't heard anything like this before!

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west

Fair signal, much noise, 0311 UTC in western NY
0311 UTC   Classical music

Drake R8B, 600' longwire west

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