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04:18 UTC 04 Jan 2022 - Weak and readable on 6160 kHz, weak and barely readable on 7490 kHz;
04:22 UTC - Station ID, too weak at this time to make it out.

This sound more like a religious broadcast. Yup, matched it to another simulcast on 5850 kHz. This is Brother Stair broadcasting from the grave ...
Thanks for trying. We were only on 7490*KHz. Time slot was 3 to 4 UTC.

Whoops, Got on the wrong transmitter. Aww well way she goes. 7490 27th DEC 10 eastern.  (I was wondering why I heard brother stair on 6160)
Had different Canadian bands. Had a couple wobbly pops. Had live call ins, the system was half broken. Had a great time. Only one show left!  Next week, 3 Jan 2022. 7490. Be there or be an amphibian.

Those filthy maple suckers are going to be on the air on the 27th Dec 2021!  >:(
I hear they are going to be blasting Canadian propaganda. Can anyone shut them down?  ;D

Canada general radio was on the air again.  Same freq, same time. Monday.
Talked about Canada stuff I think. Played some conspiracy music (just having fun).
I hear they are only going to have two more shows.
Keep your stick on the ice! 

I've heard rumours that those drunkin syrup suckers are going to be on the air again on Monday the 27th 2021. at the usual time.

Awww jeez. I'm not involved in Canada General Radio. No way. No how. No chance!. But I hear that they were on 6160 AM, 14 DEC 2021, 3UTC cuz some duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude called halberturner took 2 UTC. So that's the way she goes.
 Next Monday at 10pm Eastern time monday or 3 UTC TUESDAY, TUNE IN. Do it.
We are the beaver, we are the beaver, we are the beaver.
So don't worry, we always give a dam.

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