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S7 on both 5900.25 and 7455.07 kHz with PY2-81502 KiwiSDR in São Paulo Brazil.

1637 UTC-Radio Casa ID

Note: This station is active every day

Exact frequency is 6949.96 kHz. S9 with the Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR.

1614 UTC-Have You Seen Her by The Chi-Lites
1618 UTC-Possible station ID jungle in Dutch
1618 UTC-Sealed With A Kiss by Bobby Vinton
1621 UTC-Radio Veronica jingle in Dutch
1621 UTC-Homburg by Procol Harum
1625 UTC-Jingle in Dutch
1625 UTC-Unknown Dutch song
1628 UTC-After Midnight (Live Mix) by Pretty Lights
1631 UTC-Talk in Dutch
1631 UTC-Vincent by Don McLean
1635 UTC-Take It Easy by Eagles

Exact frequency is 6950.21 kHz. S9+10 with the W3HFU KiwiSDR. Distorted audio. QRM from the link-11 on 6945 LSB. Even if I use 5 kHz wide USB I can still hear the link-11 ???

0050 UTC-Layin' In The Alley by Big Joe & The Dynaflow
0052 UTC-“This is Captain Morgan Shortwave”
0053 UTC-Sweet Jimmy's Place by Al King
0055 UTC-I Wanna Rock Now by Floyd Dixon
0058 UTC-“This is Captain Morgan Shortwave”
0058 UTC-Drinkin Beer by William Clarke
0102 UTC-Early In The Morning by B.B. King
0105 UTC-Song Shazam can’t ID
0107 UTC-You Can't Strike Gold In A Silver Mine by Johnnie Taylor
0111 UTC-Twilight Zone theme and “This is Captain Morgan Shortwave” ID
0111 UTC-The Blues Is Alright by Little Milton
0115 UTC-Song Shazam can’t ID
0118 UTC-Twilight Zone theme and “This is Captain Morgan Shortwave” ID
0119 UTC-Song Shazam can’t ID
0124 UTC-Song Shazam can’t ID
0125 UTC-Station ID over the music
0127 UTC-Music interrupted for an ID
0129 UTC-Layin' In The Alley by Big Joe & The Dynaflows
0132 UTC-Station ID
0132 UTC-Sweet Jimmy's Place by Al King
0135 UTC-I Wanna Rock Now by Floyd Dixon
0137 UTC-“This is Captain Morgan Shortwave”
0137 UTC-Drinkin Beer by William Clarke
0142 UTC-Early In The Morning by B.B. King
0144 UTC-Song Shazam can’t ID
0204 UTC-OFF

S9+10 with the Tampere, Finland KiwiSDR. Audio very narrow (2 kHz on each sideband)

2147 UTC-Talk in Finnish
2148 UTC-ID in English
2149 UTC-Gimme All Your Lovin' by ZZ Top
2200 UTC-Talk in Finnish
2201 UTC-Two short bits of songs
2202 UTC-Station ID in English, reception reports appreciated, website address
2203 UTC-Pieni Hiace by Jope Ruonansuu
2205 UTC-Talk in Finnish
2206 UTC-Paperitähdet (Celluloid Heroes) by Juice Leskinen
2211 UTC-Talk in Finnish
2212 UTC-Mahtisonni by Aki & Turo And The Hepamamas
2215 UTC-Talk in Finnish
2216 UTC-I Like It That Way (Re-Recorded) by The Tremeloes
2217 UTC-Talk in Finnish over the music
2218 UTC-Talk in Finnish
2219 UTC-Aamuyö (Rekee Remix) by 101
2222 UTC-Talk in Finnish
2223 UTC-Feels So Good by Waldo
2226 UTC-Talk in Finnish
2228 UTC-Suomen kesä by Olli Halonen
2231 UTC-Mikä Kesä? by Valvomo
2234 UTC-Ollaanko Tämä Kesä Näin? by Olavi Uusivirta
2238 UTC-Talk in Finnish
2240 UTC-Unknown music (signal getting weak)

Note: This is a legal station from Finland

Exact frequency is 6294.94 kHz. S5 with the Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR.

2029 UTC-Sylvia by Focus
2032 UTC-Panda Radio ID
2032 UTC-Twist À Saint-Tropez by Les Chats Sauvages
2034 UTC-Talk in Dutch
2034 UTC-Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) by The Shangri-Las
2036 UTC-Nothing But A Heartache by The Flirtations
2039 UTC-Talk in Dutch
2039 UTC-Moi je rêvé d'une plage by Michèle Torr
2041 UTC-Name of the next song in English
2042 UTC-Burning Down The House by Tom Jones Feat. The Cardigans
2045 UTC-Dede Dinah by Frankie Avalon

S7 with the Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR. Intermittent carrier on 6322 kHz causing interference starting at 1825 UTC. Carrier on 6322 kHz started varying frequency at 1830 UTC then went into RTTY mode while still varying frequency ??? The carrier/RTTY went off at 1831 UTC.

1744 UTC-Jazz Suite No. 2 - Arr. André Rieu: Waltz No. 2 by André Rieu
1747 UTC-La Paloma by André Rieu
1750 UTC-Radio Ronalisa ID by female and email
1751 UTC-Talk, couldn’t understand due to static
1752 UTC-Station ID by male and a very good evening
1753 UTC-The Winner Takes It All by André Rieu
1755 UTC-Hear Me Now by Alok & Bruno Martini Feat. Zeeba
1757 UTC-Good evening to me (thank you!)
1758 UTC-Memories by David Guetta Feat. KiD CuDi
1800 UTC-I Was Made by VINAI & Le Pedre
1802 UTC-Scarlet Ribbons by The Cats
1804 UTC-The Sound Of Silence by Disturbed
1807 UTC-Wind Of Change by Scorpions
1812 UTC-The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
1817 UTC-Radio Ronalisa ID
1817 UTC-Thanks to me (thank you!)
1818 UTC-Unknown music
1823 UTC-The Chicken Dance
1824 UTC-Good evening to a listener in Ireland
1825 UTC-Thanking me for my report (Thanks!)
1825 UTC-Good evening to ukdxer
1827 UTC-Let's Dance by David Bowie Feat. Maynard James Keenan & John Frusciante
1829 UTC-Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson
1831 UTC-The Loco-Motion by Little Eva
1834 UTC-Talk in Dutch
1834 UTC-Marina by Rocco Granata
1836 UTC-Popeye by Billy West
1836 UTC-ID and email radioronalisa@hotmail.com
1837 UTC-The Best by Tina Turner
1839 UTC-ID and email in Dutch
1839 UTC-I'm A Believer by The Monkees
1841 UTC-“Shortwave listener, for you my friend” (thanks!)
1841 UTC-Killer by Adamski Feat. Seal
1843 UTC-Whiskey In The Jar by Thin Lizzy
1846 UTC-Callow La Vita by Raymond Froggatt
1848 UTC-Unknown music
1851 UTC-Dragostea Din Tei (Original Romanian Version) by O-Zone
1854 UTC-Geh Nicht Vorbei by Christian Anders
1857 UTC-Mention of me in Dutch (thanks!)
1857 UTC-Boys (Summertime Love) by Sabrina
1859 UTC-Meet Her At The Love Parade by Da Hool
1900 UTC-Good being to some listeners
1900 UTC-Thanks to me (thanks!)
1901 UTC-“Radio Ronalisa from the Netherlands, the low power pirate”
1901 UTC-You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) by Dead Or Alive
1905 UTC-Mention of Radio Lowlands
1905 UTC-I Feel Love by Donna Summer
1914 UTC-Medley: Strauss Party by André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra
1917 UTC-(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones
1919 UTC-Using an inverted V antenna with 10 watts and 40 watts pep for the audio

S9+10 with the Half Moon Bay California KiwiSDR.

0341 UTC-Religious talk

S7 with the W3HFU KiwiSDR.

2244 UTC-Supersonic (My Existence) by Skrillex, Noisia, josh pan & Dylan Brady
2246 UTC-Bass Head by Bassnectar
2252 UTC-“Hello this is Clever Name Radio the request lines are open”
2253 UTC-So What'cha Want by Beastie Boys
2256 UTC-Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by The Beatles (thanks!)
2300 UTC-Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles
2303 UTC-Tweeter And The Monkey Man by The Traveling Wilburys
2309 UTC-“Hello this is Clever Name Radio the request lines are open“
2310 UTC-The Show Must Go On by Three Dog Night
2314 UTC-Lawyers, Guns And Money by Warren Zevon
2318 UTC-“Hello this is Clever Name Radio the request lines are open“
2318 UTC-I'm Crazy by Headstone Circus
2324 UTC-Skipmuck mentioned, robot voice hard to understand
2324 UTC-Alison by Linda Ronstadt
2328 UTC-“Hello welcome to Clever Name Radio the request lines are open“
2329 UTC-2000 Miles by Pretenders
2334 UTC-Crosscut Saw by The Groundhogs
2340 UTC-I Need You by The Webb Sisters
2343 UTC-Radar Love by Golden Earring
2348 UTC-“Hello welcome to Clever Name Radio the request lines are open“
2349 UTC-Sunshine In My Window by Farm
2354 UTC-“Hello welcome to Clever Name Radio the request lines are open“
2354 UTC-Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones
2358 UTC-Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles :D
0002 UTC-A Gallon Of Gas by The Kinks

Request: anything by The Beatles

Shortwave Broadcast / UNID 6148 AM 0444 UTC 29 Jun 2022
« on: June 29, 2022, 0449 UTC »
S9+10 with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR. UNID language talk, sounds like a call in program. Maybe an African language? Frequency is exactly 6148 kHz so I think someone may have entered the wrong frequency at the transmitter. Sounds maybe like Voice of America?

S9 with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR.

0355 UTC-Religious talk

Other / Hams Behaving Badly 3733 LSB 0433 UTC 28 Jun 2022
« on: June 28, 2022, 0435 UTC »
S9+20 with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR.

0433 UTC-Hell Yeah (Live At Madison Square Garden August 2008) by Neil Diamond
0435 UTC-“Well, what did you think, did you like that tune?”
0436 UTC-Conversation between multiple stations about the song, other stations said they liked it
0437 UTC-One station gave a call sign, all stations said good night to each other and went QRT

Does this qualify as Hams Behaving Badly? Playing music on the ham bands is against the rules but it wasn’t intended to be disruptive as Hams Behaving Badly usual are.

S9+10 with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR.

0403 UTC-Religious talk, heard this exact recording before
0413 UTC-Sign off message
0413 UTC-The usual weird sign off music “Days Of Hard Life”
0415 UTC-Station ID, date and time, religious talk (playing one program after another?)
0416 UTC-“That’s right folks, Christianity is a satanic cult”
0431 UTC-Gone

S9 with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR.

0504 UTC-Religious talk

S9+10 with the GB3WB KiwiSDR in the UK.

2051 UTC-Instrumental music Shazam can’t ID

S5 with Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR. ID presumed based on frequency and Greek music. Now reaching S7 at 1728 UTC.

1715 UTC-Itane Nei Itan Pedia by Vasilis Papakonstadinou

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