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This station has not been posted in a while and still transmitting.
Radio Inconfidencia 15190, Belo Horizonte NG, Brazil at 23:15UTC in Portuguese.
S5 with some fading.

Conditions must be good from Florida to the Pacific. But they are in the grayline and we are just getting out of our grayline.
Hope Radio Healing & Revelation 9965 at 11:35UTC from Palau, Pacific.
Signal S6 with slight fading.
Australian accent male commentator discussing with a female Australian guest that travelled to Ukraine and was helping, discussing about the Bible and how she helped against Communism

Radio Brazil Central 11815 at 01:32UTC from Goiania, Brazil with signal S5 to S7 fluctuating. Amazed for a 7.5 KW transmitter.
Playing a mix instrumental music.

11860 Republic of Yemen Radio at 01:15UTC from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Good signal at S7 with slight fading.
Currently reading in scriptures in Arabic.
Propagation on high freqs tonight is excellent.

Thanks for the heads up much appreciated. I always try to get Australia/new Zealand. I'm getting RNZ here S8, SINPO 44444. No fading or noise also.

Thanks for pointing out the Ff icon, it will be helpful.

Ron thanks for the info, very informative. I will take your ideas into consideration when listening not just for this station but others as well.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: RNZ 11725 AM 1129 UTC 20 Mar 2022
« on: March 20, 2022, 1201 UTC »
Thanks for the heads up Ct Yankee. I just tuned at 11:45UTC and signal is S8, SINPO 44455, no fading.
Currently playing Jazz, before "Mellow Tears".
Wow I can't believe my MLA30+ at 4 feet in front of my condo can pick up so clearly.
Surprisingly Radio New Zealand is over riding Radio Novas de Paz from Brazil that is closer to me.
12:00 UTC currently news.

13020 out of band SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng or Chinese jamming S9+ 12:15UTC from Taiwan, however if being jammed by China, source heard might be from a different location. I really cannot tell the difference between Taiwanese and various Chinese languages to determine.

13033 FUF  Fort de France, MRT , STANAG 4285  this is non-encrypted and runs 24 hours for those wanting to test their decoders. I use a 3000 Hz bandwidth and depending on SDR(Airspy in my case) have to tune lower (1.7 hz). This is an FAA feed most of the time in idle mode.

Shortwave Broadcast / VOA from Ascension Island at 21:00 UTC
« on: March 17, 2022, 2204 UTC »
VOA from Ascension Island at 21:00 UTC with S9 signal , SINPO 54555. Some sort of African dialect spoken (listed as Bambara a Mali language).

I got the Klingenfuss 2022/2021 Guide to Utility Radio Stations & 2022 Shortwave Frequency Guide and well worth it.
I'm in the process of deciding purchase of  PC-ALE that supports 24 channels as ALE-141 mode promises some good monitoring here in Florida with USCG/DHS/US Customs/military

NHK World-Japan on 13650 at 23:30 UTC from Ibaragi-Koga-Yamata, strong signal S9, with SINPO 45455. Playing Japanese classical music. No fading.

This should be DHFCS Forest Moor, Gibraltar "XSS" as per 2022 Klingenfuss Utility.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: unid 15745 USB 1300 UTC 15 Mar 2022
« on: March 15, 2022, 2120 UTC »
Maybe Radio Free Asia which posted transmitting during that time period from Dushan

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