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I have DJDW really weak and playing Girls Sports at 0000?!?

Definitely jazz music - cannot make out the individual songs though. A bit noisy around S4-5.

I have this fairly clear but with some fading. Got a country sort of thing going on.

Got this loud and clear at 0007 with an old time bluesy song - sound like it's about Satan.

Good strong S4-5 signal here in NE Nebraska on my little clip on long wire and SDR.

Got the Stones with Start me Up at 2314 UTC.

I have this very weak on my sdr. Got the Addams Family theme at 01:19 UTC

I have this just above the background noise - spooky sound effects at 01:04 UTC

Definitely bells - I have them very loud too. Very weird.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6970 USB 0059 UTC 18 Oct 2022
« on: October 18, 2022, 0114 UTC »
Sounds like sign-on tones or interval signals on loop

I am hearing something like this on 6.970 USB now 01:11 UTC

I have this really weak and noisy in NE Nebraska. Cannot make out what the songs are but can hear the music above the noise.

I've got this pretty clear for a change - around S6 on my dial

Here's what I copied so far.
0014 Radio Radio - Elvis Costello
0017 Radio Clash - The Clash
0021 Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodoo
0025 Talking Heads - Radio Head
0028 Devils Radio by George Harrison

I have this S4, but hard to ID the music.

last song 0408 UTC had a definite 60's sound to it, but not clear enough to ID.

Late to the game as always...
Got Judy in the Sky at 0229 UTC and then off the air! Good signal though - showing S7 on my meter.

Looks like he is back on the air
0306 with Bad Moon Rising
0308 Talk about changing up the format and thanks for listening
0310 Help me Rhonda
Starting to get interference, not as clear as before, but still mostly S6.

Picking this up in Northeast Nebraska at S3 and fading in and out on my SDR and longwire.

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