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0025: rock music
0027: "Heard It Through The Grapevine" -CCR (One of my all time favorites - THANKS) (I think his is the 11 minute version! Double Thanks)
0034: "The Camera Eye" - Rush
0041: 55454
0050: EOT

Thank you for the broadcast!

0012: music, sounds like music box, now w/instrumental - "Melancholia" - Ryan Creep
45444, S9+10, pretty low noise
0020: "We Love the Pirates" - The Roaring 60's -> BBC/R. Luxembourg pop music commentary and history; mentioned R. Caroline
0039: commentary on music continues

Thank you for the show!

Sounds like space music
Yeah, the 6935 and 6956 sounds do have a somewhat musical quality, but the 6955 station (now impossible to hear) was "normal music".

Where I live, we have zillions of cicadas now that are pretty loud, easily heard from every direction, and sound like something from a sci-fi move. I like them. They don't seem to bother anything at all.

2328: extremely weak music
- tried several online SDRs and nothing seen/heard on them
2330: now with wide band UTE QRM, but still just barely discernable
~2335:  much stronger signal of something centered about 6956 (see photo); this disappeared while typing this, then back a 1/2 minute later

- essentially no chance of hearing it for the time being
0018: now with rock music, including "Verteran of the Psychic Wars" - Blue Oyster Cult


Thank you for the show!

2306: "Qusad Einy" - Amr Diab
2310: suddenly much better; [2-3]5343
2312: "At Your Best (You Are Love)" Aaliyah

0100: music, JBA; sounds like electronic dance mx
0112: "Bork Bork Bork", so I assume this is Bork Bork Radio; more EDM
0114: SSTV - too weak to capture; more EDM
0121: SSTV; more EDM, SSTV


Have changed subject line back to "UNID", since there have been "Omega Dog", "Radio Static", "DogHouse Radio", "K Dog", "PISS ANT RADIO", "DILLIGAF RADIO", "Drunken Dwarf Radio" ... indications

0144: "Bork Bork Bork Bork", repeated

Thank you for the show!

2354: " testing, 1, 2, 3 ... can anybody hear me?"
- I expect this to be Wolverine Radio
35343, 55454, S9+ (swapped antennas)
2358: OM with ID -> old timey music - "Blue Skies Are Around the Corner" - Jack Hylton
0002: more old music;
0004: "Keep You Arms Around Me" - Arthur Crudup
0007: ID, "Messin' Around With the Blues" - Memphis Slim
- looks like tonight's theme is "around"
0015: ID, "My Sweet Love Ain't Around" - Hank Williams (Sr.)
0018: "Rock Around the Clock Tonight" - Bill Haley; "Shop Around" - Smokey Robinson; "I Get Around" - Beach Boys
0023: very wide band signal of some sort overlaid on 6955, but not having much impact on reception of WR

Thank you for the broadcast!

2345: music, JBA; link 11 qrm

0143: harmonica music and singing, per SoundHound: "Having A Party" - Rod Stewart
0151: ID, email address -> blues music; email: captainmorganshortwave@gmail.com (hope I copied this correctly)
0159: more blues
0202: "Lucky, Lucky Man" - Henry Gray
0205: "Big Long Buick" - Big Joe & The Dynaflows

Thank you for the broadcast!

Wildfire IS, assume to be BallSmacker Radio
QRM from SternRadio, who QSYed again to  6946.7 at 0059; in the clear at 0059
0059: ID by YL, then music and heavy QRM from utility station on 6961.7 and then on 6960, I think
0103: in the clear again with "That Smell" - Lynard Skynyrd
0105: "Got to Get You Into My Life" - Beatles
0113: 55545, S9+10; "Comfortably Numb" - Pink Floyd

Thank you for the broadcast!

music, JBA
0018: "Take It Easy" - Eagles
0019: "The Green Manalishi" - Fleetwood Mac

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What frequency is this?

0003: rock music, can't ID
0006: "You Upset Me Baby" - BB King
~0012: "White Port and Lemon Juice" - Bel-Aires
0042: EOT

Thank you for the show!

2352: talking; "please stand by. radio is having techincal difficulties. [etc.]" in EE and GG
2354: "Sweet Melissa" - Allman Brothers
55544, S9+20, slight fading; very strong
2358: "This is station Sternradio" by OM and YL
0031: QSY to 6945.7 -> music

Thank you for the broadcast!

0155: music, maybe EIB back on air?; "The Central Scrutinizer" - Frank Zappa
55555, S9+10
0158: "Landmines" - Sum 41
0202: YL with ID and song announcement -> "Tighten Up" - Black Keys
0205: YL w/ID, owl hooting; "Modern Guilt" - Beck
- YL: "The request lines are open. I will wait"
REQUEST: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - The Tokens
0214: Thank you for playing my request! DangerKitty Loves You.
0217: "Funk #49" - James Gang
0222: "Highway Star" - Deep Purple
0229: shoutout to Grumpy Grandpa and DangerKitty; repeated. Thanks!

0231: "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - CCR ; Thanks!
If you'd like another request: the long version of "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - CCR
0245: "Bridge of Sighs" - Robin Trower
0251: "Last of the Steam-Powered Trains" - Kinks, request by Andrew Yoder
0254: special announcement by The Owl ("Whoo. Whoooo. Whoo Whoo Whoo") then YL "Have a wonderful evening", ID, then silent/EOT

More requests if you're up for it (any or all below, as you see fit):
   Cream: Sunshine of your Love, or White Room
   Santana: Corazon Espinado, or Smooth

Thank you for the show and playing requests for Grumpy Grandpa and me!

You really put the "E" in "IB".

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