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Goat Herder Radio, 6933u, 12/30/18, SIO 232

About S2 into Chicago, just past dusk. ID at 2251z by male op.
2300z - either way in the noise or off.

Caught the last song played before going off air. No ID heard. Signal was about S3, right at my noise level.


X-FM, 4085AM, 12-16-18, SIO 353

About S5 with deep fades at 0418z tune in. Great sounding audio from RH with an ID then into a cool mash-up of Zepplin and Sabbath. Works for me.
Great to hear you! Thanks for the shout  8)

Some nice S7 peaks near the end of the show.


Nice S9+ signal in Chicago. 6935u, 11/11/2018 SIO 555

2150z - Over There
2153z - ...Gone A Long Time
2155 z - Al Jolson - Hello Central
2204z - Billy Murray - Long Way To Tipperary - Still S9, but starting to fade a touch as the sun sets here.
2209z - Pack Up Your Troubles....
2221z - You're A Grand Old Flag
2308z - Starting to fade deeply.


Captain Morgan SW, 6938.8AM, SIO 454, 11-3-18

Great to hear the Capn' again. Been a long time.
Tuned in at 2238z to Big Joe & The Dynaflows - Id Rather Drink Muddy Water. ID just before this song.


UNID, 6950u, SIO 454
Tuned in during the end of the SSTV then into The Dead South - In Hell Iĺl Be In Good Company.
Then off.


Radio Olah, 6930AM, 11-3-18, SIO 434

Nice S7 signal and audio here in Chicago. Medium fade as the sun sets locally.
Multiple IDś at 2157z and 2200z with male op clarifying station name.

2203z - Norma Frazier - The First Cut Is The Deepest.
2208z - The Youngbloods - Sugar Babe


Man Cave Radio, 6935.3AM, 10/14/18, SIO 353. Fair amount of fading with good audio quality.
ID's interspersed within the music.

2259z - Pretty decent signal into Chicago with White Stripes  -  Seven Nation Army
2307z - Man Cave Radio ID, then into Danger Mouse - Black


North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6960 AM 2307 29 SEPT 2018
« on: September 29, 2018, 2344 UTC »
Decent S7 carrier, but a fairly high noise level masking the audio a bunch.


UNID, 6925U, 0000Z 9-30-18
About S7/S6 noise here in Chicago. Tuned in to Weird Al - Eat it.


RFW is S9 in Chicago at 2315z tune-in. 6950usb 5/21/18

Radio Free Whatever ID at 2318z
2326z - Down to S5-S6 with DJ Dickweed.
2351z - Back up to S8.


Channel Z, 6300.2AM, 4/23/18, SIO 444. Decent audio, slight fading.

Nice sounding signal at 0029z with The Dammed, New Rose, then into "Saints and Sinners" Johnny and the Self Abusers
ID at 0035z.

0038z - X Ray Specs - The Day The World Turned Day-Glo
off at 0049z - Thanks - Haven't heard CH Z in a while.


Tuned in at 2350z. S8 signal with the end of Count Basie's, Flight of the Food Birds. Then off.


Wolverine Radio, 6950u, 1/19/18, 343

Slowly building in strength, ID at 0119z


Tuning in at 1600z, hearing 6930u about SIO 242, S4 peaks, Sounds like the Jerky Boys. Slowly improving.

1604z - Belinda Carlisle - Heaven on Earth
1610z - Ratt - Back  For More
1612z - Sammy Hagar - One Way To Rock (nice)
1621z - Billy Joel - Uptown Girl.
1625z - Got the 73 out of the CW. Then into SSTV - off

Thanks for the show.


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