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The Crystal Ship via TCSRN, 6876am, 5-12-14, 35242
A nice S8 signal getting creamed by the static from T storms blowing through IL and IN.
Tuned in at 0235z for a final song, TCS ID with Julianna, and "Farewell & Adieu".

I used to tune in too late on Sundays back in '07 and '08. Some things never change.  ;)

Thanks for the show JP and relay.


Heard weakly into Chicago at 1405z. OM speaking for the last seconds before it was off.


WRR, 6929u, 5-4-14, 35442

0428z - Just caught the ending ID and off.


Radio True North, 6940am, 5-4-14, 35432

Lots of flutter on the signal, but about S7 on peaks. Audio level seems low to me.
0350z - melody sounds like "The Gambler", but not sure if the lyrics are matching up.

0351z - Artem's World of Music Show ID
0409z - Cuban salsa style music
0416z - RTN ID - Shaft theme
0430z - Hot Child In the City


Checking in a bit late, but hearing the unmistakable voice of Dr. B. coming in at 0250z.
Solid S9+5 - great ssb audio.

0254z - Steve Miller - Fly Like An Eagle.
0306z - Argent  - Hold Your Head Up
0331z - Aerosmith - Walk This Way, still S9
0338z - Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
0357z - Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like A Bomb

Thanks for the show. Nice easy listening tonight.


S5-S8 here with quick fades. Heard male say something about "old time radio service" at about 0100z. Some ute annoyance nearby too. 6772.6 am.


Tune up at 0018z then into a bluegrass tune. Was S9 for a brief while then a quick signal drop.
I can still hear it, but down at the noise level.

0024z - still on - very weak


North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 AM MAY 4, 2014
« on: May 04, 2014, 0011 UTC »
WMID, 6925am, 5-4-14, 45433

S9 at 0009z with a Chicago song, then into Berlin "The Metro".
0013z. WMID ID  
0017z - Multiple automated WMID ID's and off.

Thanks for the show.


Channel Z, 6150.5am, 5-3-14, 34432
Clear ID by Andy Walker at 0158z. Good strong S7 signal - audio seems a touch weak to me.


Just walked back into the radio room to hear a WRR ID with the OM talking about playing some tunes. 0149z - I've Been Everywhere. 35443 with decent audio.
S7 here in Chicago.

0152z - Drink of Water Before I Die
0203z - Mr. Hobo Bill  - Grandpa Jones (kinda missed that - might have to smack me in the mouth)
0242z - Redneck Piece of White Trash S8
0245z - off - thanks for the show. QSL appreciated.


Undercover Radio, 6925u, 0048z, 44444 , 5-3-14

S8-S9+5 with an ID at 0048z, then into Moby "We're all made of Stars". Stories about listening to the stars & an acid flashback in front of a PC monitor  ;)

Thanks for the shout, great to hear you Dr. B. 8)


*Welcome IraqVet - thanks for your service.

Solid S9 here since about 0350z. Generation Wild 100 ID at 0409z.
6945usb with quality audio. 45554.

0410z - Supertramp - The Logical Song.
0423z - Robert Plant - Big Log.  An old favorite - thanks
0429z - Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe
0451z - Foreigner - Juke Box Hero   S9+5 on peaks, some slight fading to S8
0459z - ID - Skynrd - What's Your Name


Wolverine Radio - 55555 again  ;)

Great to hear you. Fine Young Canibals - She Drives Me Crazy at 0211z


Hearing this too in Chicago. Very weak, but slowly improving. T-storm crash making it rough.
6925u, 15341. Still too weak for an ID, but blues music coming through.


Hearing what Joe does. 1317z was a bit of Johnny Cash, then a baby laughing.
Seems off as of 1320z.


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