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Got an eQSL here too for the 4/11 show  8) Thanks John and relay station.


Chairman of the Board Radio, Nice big S9 signal too!

0333z - Strangers in The Night
0336z - Old Devil Moon
0342z - My Kind Of Town (darn right Chicago is)
0345z - Wave
0349z - ID - shout to Chicago listeners - and off.

Thanks for the show COTBR

Hiya Joe


The Crystal Ship via TCSRN, 6850.5am, 45554, 4-11-14
Nice S8-S9 signal when I tuned in at 0054z.

Snoopy & the Red Baron
TCS ID "The Bubblegum Show"
Love Grows

Just like the old Sunday night shows. Thanks JP & relay.


Cool AM Radio, 6925u, 4-10-14, 35343.

Nice S6 signal into Chicago.

0330z - Country - Folk Tune
0336z - Uses for condoms
0337z - Something about a 500mg tablet
0338z - Cool AM ID.
0339z - Hearing "Dueling Banjos" and some other music in there. Not sure if there's a second station.

Carrier is making to Chicago, but cannot lock it due to some type of data stream down below.


About S3-S7 on peaks at 0250z. Very tough with the data bursts and pescadores too. 22342.


S7 fading down to S3 at 0128z. 6950.5 am. Nice clear audio. 35333. Just heard Andy Walker talking about a 1966 tune. Saw "Pirate Radio" on cable last night and he sounds like he could've been on that ship.


North American Shortwave Pirate / unid, 6925.5u, 1340z , 4-5-14
« on: April 05, 2014, 1348 UTC »
Tuned into some instrumental music at 1342z. About S1-S2 then faded - possibly off.


Tuning up the band, I came across XEROX, Radio Duplicado in the middle of several ID's at 0200z, snail mail address, and email. About S7 here and was starting to write a new post when Mr. Farley typed a little quicker   ;).  35432.


S8-S9 at 0110z to a song "Demolition woman gonna tear you down". Good sounding usb audio.
6935, 45444

0112z - XLR8 ID.
0118z - Six Pack, Nut Sack, Her Back (Hmmmm)
0159z - ID, still S8


Big S9+10 signal here in Chicago.
Bangalore Poacher ID in CW at 0126z, then sign-off immediatley after.
6880 am , 55545 (just bit of fade down to S8).


Just tuned into JFK speaking the famous phrase "ask not....". Good signal at 1939z.
Audio seems a bit muffled, but perhaps that's the old speech recordings.


Weak under a crashy noise level, but clear enough to hear the Beatles "Little Help From My Friends" at 0217z. "....24 hours a day" in there after.
I'd say about S2-S3. 25241. 6925.1am

0218z - The Kinks - Lola


QSLs Received / WHYP test broadcast QSL
« on: March 29, 2014, 0202 UTC »
Also got a cool QSL from JB for the March 24 test broadcast. A great signal that night for an 18W carrier. Thanks!  8)

Man - those TCS T-shirts are everywhere!


North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WHYP AM 0250Z March 24 2014
« on: March 24, 2014, 0255 UTC »
Very nice signal at tune-in. S8 to S9+ with nice audio.
44444. Hint of pesque underneath during fades.

Black Crowes "Wiser Time" at 0241z.
Some kind of droning chant
0249z - Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
0251z - Punk Tune

Occasional "Good Evening" thrown in between songs.
0259z - WHYP "Low Power Test" ID.

Super sounding signal for such low wattage. S9+5 during the ID! Thanks JB.
0305z - Classic sign-off with George Zeller


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