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UNID station with Hard Rock format. Music is just above the noise here at 00:25 UTC.
- Signal has improved to S8 at 0047 UTC. Thanks for the show!

UNID Station playing Beatles "Can't Buy Me Love" at 1735 UTC. Very faint here with fading, S2 signal.

UNID station S6 signal into NE Ohio at 22:04 UTC
- Heavy Metal format with SSTV at 22:20 UTC, then gone

Five Watt Pirate Radio with "Baracuda" by Heart at 2144 UTC.  S6-S7 signal into NE Ohio
- SSTV then "Hit me with your best shot" at 2148 UTC

New Moon Radio with S8-S9 signal at 2315 UTC.
- ID as New Moon Radio at 2324 UTC.
- Signal now at S9+10 here in NE Ohio.

White Rider Radio with S8 signal into NE Ohio at 2302 UTC with "Dixie"

UNID station with S7 signal and nice audio into NE Ohio at 16:10 UTC.
- Gone at 16:16 UTC

Music just above the noise this morning on 6925 AM at 1432 UTC.

UNID Station with S7 signal into NE Ohio. Sounds like James Brown.
- Seems gone at 2150 UTC

UNID with "Almost Human" radio show. S6 signal into NE Ohio at 13:50 UTC
- Gone at 13:55 UTC

UNID station with what sounds like a radio drama show of some sort. Just above the noise at S2 into NE Ohio

Weak station sounds like a talk show from what I can copy. S2 signal into NE Ohio at 19:05 UTC

UNID station very weak, music is just above the noise here in NE Ohio. SSTV at 15:18 UTC
- Voice then guitar music at 15:28 UTC. Signal is at S3 with peaks to S5 this morning

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6937 AM 1540 UTC 13 NOV 2019
« on: November 13, 2019, 1545 UTC »
UNID station at S7 at 1540 UTC with music. Gone at 1542 UTC without ID

Spy Numbers / QH4P 6913.2 CW 2255 UTC 24 October 2019
« on: October 24, 2019, 2304 UTC »
I came across station QH4P on 6913.2 at 22:50 UTC with an S3 signal into NE Ohio. "DE QH4P v 3JWV 3JWV"

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