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OTR with S6 signal this morning at 0950 UTC broadcasting old radio drama show.

OTR coming into NE Ohio at S6 tonight between the static crashes at 22:45 UTC.

Old Time Radio with an S8 signal this morning into NE Ohio at 13:15 UTC. Slight fading.

Radio Free Connecticut at S9+ into NE Ohio at 1612UTC. Very nice audio, thank you for the show.

UNID station at a noisy S7 playing music at 0100 UTC
- Gone without ID at 0112 UTC. Yeti?

S9 into NE Ohio this morning at 1534 UTC. Thanks for the show!
- ID at 1536 UTC.

OTR S7-S8 signal into NE Ohio at 21:10 UTC. Nice to hear you back on the air!

Relay Station S9+10 into NE Ohio this morning at 1250 UTC. Great sounding signal! Thanks for the show.

S8 to S9 into NE Ohio this afternoon at 16:45

Old Time Radio with comedy program. A noisy S8 into NE Ohio at 2330 UTC

UNID station at S5 into NE Ohio with Heart, Journey and ELO this morning.

- Thanks Relay Station, enjoying the music!!!!

UNID Station S6 signal into NE Ohio at 1800 UTC.

OTR with very weak old radio broadcast. S3 signal into NE Ohio with significant fading this morning at 1030 UTC.

UNID station at S8 into NE Ohio at 1555 UTC. Grand Funk "American Band" and Stevie Nicks "Sara" - nice mix of music. Thanks for the show!

- Thanks for the personal reply. You are still very good into my location at 1715 UTC. S7 signal with some fading.

Old Time Radio with an S8 signal into NE Ohio at 2235 UTC. Some fading, but overall good copy of an old radio comedy show.
- Ad for Avalon Cigarettes at 2248 UTC

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