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S7, but just above the noise here in NE Ohio. Kind of a tough copy.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6924.7 AM 0102 1 Jan 2014
« on: January 01, 2014, 0108 UTC »
Heavy metal music at S9. ID as QRM at 01:06 UTC?

- Music fading to just above noise level at 01:12 UTC

Very strong signal into NE Ohio - S9+20. ID as Wolverine Radio at 00:08 UTC

- Happy New Year and thanks for the show Wolverine Radio!

Bee Gees' "Blame it all on the lights of Broadway" with an S8 signal into NE Ohio tonight. Thanks for the show and Happy New Year Radio GaGa.

S9+10 signal into NE Ohio with Commander Bunny's New Years Show

S9+10 signal with some very slight fading playing the Blues and the theme from Twilight Zone.

Signal picking up a little, S7 with some fading at 23:10 UTC here in NE Ohio. Band is noisy again tonight.

- Sign off at 23:25 UTC

S7 signal on a very noisy band tonight giving an overall poor copy at 01:00 UTC.

S6 signal into NE Ohio this morning from the Bunny. Merry Christmas!

S8 with some slight fading at 13:30 UTC with Chrsitmas music. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your holiday with us Channel Z!!!!!

Barely audible in the noise here. Someone coming up on top of them at 22:37 UTC

S9+10 signal into NE Ohio tonight. ID as Snowball Radio with email at 22:30 UTC. Thanks for the show!!

S9 signal into NE Ohio on a very noisy band this afternoon.

No copy what so ever into NE Ohio tonight. Hear some pesces LSB

S6 signal into NE Ohio this evening at 22:04 UTC.

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