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Big S9+ signal "Riding the Storm Out" here in NE Ohio tonight. Thanks for the show!!!!

- Thank you for the shout out!

S9 into NE Ohio tonight with some static to go along. Funky spacey music format that I would guess to be a new age format. Thanks for the show!.

- CW ID as BOCHF RADIO at 00:19 UTC

Big S9+20 signal into NE Ohio tonight. "Make my Home in San Antone" & now "El Paso". Texas or travel theme?

- Cool selection of travel tunes tonight, thanks for the show!

S5 signal into NE Ohio this morning. Old DX'er gets a mention! Thanks for the show!

- Off with new interval signal at 08:51 UTC

 S8 signal with lots of noise and fading into NE Ohio. Seems to be improving slightly. Thanks for the show!

- S9+ signal at 00:17 UTC
-Gone at 00:23 UTC after ID

Good S9+ signal tonight into Ohio at 00:20.

A very noisy S7 signal here into Ohio tonight. A bit hard to copy, but nice selection of music

- Sign off at 00:08 after ID and email

S5 signal into Ohio this morning at 08:05 UTC. Thanks for the show!

S7 signal in NE Ohio at 0105 UTC with music and frequent ID's. Audio a little low and hard to copy at times, but getting better the later it gets. Thanks for the show.

S8 signal into allegahney state park in ny. Camping and using a grundig portable. Thanks for the show.

S8 signal into Ohio tonight at 01:15 UTC.

Left Lane Radio 6925 USB 6/22/13 S7 signal into Ohio until 00:"44 UTC when it jumped to +10. ID at 00:49 with email address
- Music from the "Terminator" movie
- My mistake, really 6925 USB. Been awhile since I used the HQ-180 and the dial was off a touch!!!

S8-S9 signal into NE Ohio tonight. XLR8 ID at 00:15 UTC

S7 signal into Ohio tonight with with ID at 00:22 UTC

S3 signal into Ohio this afternoon. Deep fading so hard to copy reliably here. Thanks for the show!

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