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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: TCS 6875-ish AM 0012 2 Feb 2014
« on: February 02, 2014, 0023 UTC »
S9+10 signal with fantastic audio tonight. Thanks TCS!

Big S9+20 signal into NE Ohio tonight at 23:35 UTC. ID at 23:40 UTC. Thanks for the show Ronin!!!!!

- Tremendous signal and audio Ronin!!

S8 signal into NE Ohio this evening with "Mares Eat Oats" on my HQ-145X. Some fading but overall good. Thanks for the show RFW, like the music tonight.

S9 signal into NE Ohio. Thanks for the show!

S7 signal, but just barely over the noise level.

S7 signal here in Ohio tonight with some fading.

- ID at 00:30 UTC. Signal improving

S9+20 at 22:39 UTC. Beach boys And chanting? Odd combination

S9 signal but noisy with fading. New one for me, thanks for the show!

RFW with a booming S9+20 signal into NE Ohio this afternoon. Just signing on

Steady S9+10 signal into NE Ohio this afternoon with the Ulman Bros. Thanks for the show!

"Ride my See Saw" at S9+20 this morning here in a cold NE Ohio. Thanks for the show!!!!!

- Great audio hearing this on my HQ-145X

S5 here in Ohio, but just above the noise which makes for a hard copy. CW ID at 01:25 UTC

S8 signal with some noise. Appear to be gone at 00:44 UTC. Thanks for the show XLR8!

 S9 signal into NE Ohio on the HQ-180 tonight

Radio GaGa 6925kHz  with ID at 22:32 UTC S9 signal into NE Ohio

- +10 signal at 23:15 UTC. Really coming in strong tonight!

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