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I've got them here in the cornfields at about an S5. Band is nice and quiet though. SIO 344

Thanks for the show!

Unidentified station playing the Cure's Just Like Heaven, followed by Feel It Again by Honeymoon Suite. About an S7 here in Iowa.

Thanks for the show!

EDIT: ID'd as Liquid Radio at 23:07.

I've got them here in Iowa at about an S5 with Duran Duran's Wild Boys.

the band isn't in very good shape here, but I am hearing someone on 6925 AM playing music. Sounds like techno, and it's coming from the right direction. Might be Liquid Radio maybe? SIO 322

Yup, it's LR.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: SW Ghost 6873 AM 2303- 12/23/15
« on: December 23, 2015, 2314 UTC »
I can make out Silent Night, but not much else. Very noisy band tonight. SIO 222

Decent copy here in the soggy cornfields of Iowa. About an S7, with numbers, and a parody of a commercial. "We will beat all the best prices." SIO 434

Off at 2320

Nice copy on them here in Central Iowa. Signed off around 2240 with a station ID, and thanks for listening. SIO 444

Thanks for the show!

Nice S8+ signal here in Central Iowa. SIO 444.

Nothing better than listening to pirate radio from the office! Thanks for the show, Rick!

Sounds like they're back on 6969, with music from the Allman Brothers, Scorpions, and Molly Hatchet. S5 signal.

Nice S8 signal here in Iowa tonight.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925.1 AM Dec 6 2130 UTC
« on: December 06, 2015, 2210 UTC »
Big signal into central Iowa, with Van Halen's Jump and Eddie Money's I Think I'm In Love.  SIO 444

I've got them here in Iowa with The Andrews Sisters, followed by an air raid siren. BRUTAL digital QRM at times. SIO 323

I have them here in Iowa at about an S3 to 4+. Tough copy, but audible. SIO 222

Big, beautiful S9 signal into central Iowa. SIO 555.

I D as THX 1138 at 2145

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