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Nice S7 signal here in the cornfields of Iowa.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6960 AM 0042 UTC 1Nov16
« on: November 01, 2016, 0203 UTC »
Got a solid S9 +10 to 20 signal on Redhat tonight. Aside from some local noise, a near perfect signal. Great to hear him on the band! SIO 555

About an S9 here in the cornfields of Iowa. Lots of metal tonight.

Decent signal into Central Iowa, with peaks peaks at an S8+. Heard She Loves You, All My Loving, and Eight Days a Week.

YL gave an email address, but I couldn't make all of it out. thebeatles at something .com.

Thanks for the show!

EDIT: Off at 22:28, theb nack at 22:30 with Nowhere Man. Much weaker now.

S9+ here.

Nice S8 signal here in Central Iowa, with very nice audio as well.

S9+ on the peaks.

I've got them here in Central Iowa as well, but it looks like they're in AM. Not a great copy.

I don't know who they are, but they're an S9+ here. Great audio too.


This is the first time I've heard Radio Azteca in years. Talk about bringing back some memories! Now all I need is an appearance by Radio Zanax and my trip down memory lane will be complete.

S9+ now.

Nice S7 signal into Central Iowa, with music from the Beatles.

SIO 444

UNID with British patriotic music, including the theme from Monty Python. I'm sure it has a name, I only know it from Monty Python. :)

S8 into Central Iowa. SIO 434

I think its WJD, Radio Indiana.

I've got them hera at about an S7. Signed on with the Internationale and the James Bond theme. Now it's Russian(?) rap music.

YL gave a couple of IDs, but I missed them.

SIO 434

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