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Big signal into NE Alabama this evening!
SINPO = 45334
01:08 CannedHeat — Going Up The Country
01:10 The Beatles — Here Comes The Sun
Listening on a Kenwood R-1000 and G5RV.
Thanks for the tunes!
QSL TO: we509w at yahoo.com

Big signal into NE Alabama this evening. SINPO = 45444.  Thanks for the Friday night tunes!

Coming in good despite the static from numerous thunderstorms in NE Alabama on the FTDX-10 using a homebrew endfed.  SINPO 45243.

21: 49 -- ZZ Top
21:52 -- Rock music

Thanks for the tunes!

Beautiful signal into NE Alabama this evening as the fireworks sound outside.
Little Feat and other assorted musical offerings plus commentary.
SINPO 45444
Listening in the Tecsun  PL-660
Oingo Boingo — Dead Man’s Party
02:28 — DJ mentioning posts from HFU

Thanks for the show! My old SWL  “call” sign was WDX4BW

REQUESTING: Buffalo Springfield - Mr. Soul
Or John Prine

Beautiful and big signal here in NE Alabama.  20 db over S9 in the clear on the DX10 using 80 meter end fed.
01:34 Jazz music then Spike Jones "Cocktails for two."

Thanks for the tunes!

Decent signal. SINPO -- 45344, S9+ on the S-meter. Static is the main deterrent on this signal.
02:39 -- Instrumental music

Very strong signal into NE Alabama this evening. SINPO -- 55344, s- meter S9 + 20.
02:07 Announcer remarking  "Lunatic Fringe"
02:08 Red Rider -- Lunatic Fringe

Thanks for the tunes Outhouse!

Coming in fair here in NE Alabama. SINPO -- 35333 (S-meter 2 to 3).   ID and some acoustic music at 00:07. 

00:09 announcer stating there will be one more song but hard to make out all of his words.
00:11-- Smash Mouth 'Your a Rock Star'

Strong signal here in NE Alabama but pretty noisy due to QRN. Looks like it's "never" night!
SINPO : 45334
01:48 -- Romeo Void -- Never Say Never
01:50 -- Never Ending Love For You by (possibly Delaney and Bonnie)
01:52 -- Station ID, "Somewhere in the Northeast"
01:53 -- Rick Astley -- Never Gonna Give You Up

Thanks for the Friday night fun BallSmacker!

Loud in NE Alabama. SINPO = 45344.
01:51 -- The Waitresses - I know what boys like
01:55 -- Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes
01:56 -- The Clash - Stand by me

Thanks for the Saturday night 80's jukebox!

Nice signal into NE Alabama! SINPO 44334.
01:07 Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett then an ID
01:08 Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf
01:12 Free Ride by the Edgar Winter Group

Thanks for the fine Friday night tunes!

Very strong here in NE Alabama. SINPO - 45344. Station easily comes over the local thunderstorms which are about 65 miles away. Electronic music and a "FarmersOnly.com" style commercial.
21:08 Rap music fading into Sweet Home Alabama.

Coming in about S7 in NE Alabama. Rolling Stones 'Paint it Black' at 02:28. Heavy static but listenable. Thanks for the tunes.  SINPO:  35233
--  Rolling Stones 'Paint it Black' at 02:28.
-- Jefferson Airplane 'Somebody to Love' at 02:32

Solid signal into NE Alabama. S9 + 10 with minor fading. SINPO 43344.
00:35 Barry Mcguire -- Eve of Destruction
00:38 Jefferson Airplane -- Go Ask Alice
00:40 Neil Young (CSN&Y)  -- Ohio
00:44 Donovan -- Sunshine Superman
00:49 Guitar instrumental
00:51 Question Mark and the Mysterians -- 96 Tears
00:54 The Animals -- Don't let me be Misunderstood
00:56 Donovan -- Mellow Yellow
01:01 Lemon Pipers -- Green Tambourine
01:03 Strawberry Alarm Clock -- Incense and Peppermints
01:06 Moody Blues -- Nights in White Satin
01:13 SSTV
01:14 Count Five -- Psychotic Reaction
01:17 SSTV -- QRM from adjacent signal renders the image a bit mangled
01:18 No longer heard

Thanks for the splendid trip down memory lane

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6930 USB 2342 UTC
« on: November 28, 2020, 2349 UTC »
Very strong signal here. S9 plus 20 using a 40 meter OCF and the FTDX-3000 in NE Alabama. Old time radio drama. Clean signal and great audio.  :D

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