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Strong signal here at 23:04UTC with rock music Signal level is 10 over 9 at the moment!!

Weak here with someone whistling at the moment at 22:41UTC but the signal is in the mud somewhat! Signal level is around S5 at peaks

Weak signal here but hearing some music today at 22:39UTC but not able to identify the songs a male singer at the moment!

Hearing music here at 22:37UTC signal level is s7 some interference but getting through tho!

Good Signal today at 22:34 hearing a older man speaking talking about having to leave the show since power supply made go or a fuse talking about what he had for a meal today. Signal level 10 over 9 today good solid signal!
Born In the USA by Bruce Springsteen at 22:35UTC Kaos Radio

Hearing a old man at 21:29UTC and then into music but there are thunderstorms in the area "Good times roll" and then signal went down somewhat! Older man talking politics at 21:39UTC and then into a song. Back then to politics talking about 2008 election using a lot of foul language! Speaks speaks about Genos and talking about cheese sticks in Philadelphia! Signal level is S7!!

Not hearing anything here at 18:54UTC today.

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Nigeria
« on: July 04, 2019, 1849 UTC »
Hearing Radio Nigeria today at 18:47UTC speaking in English on 11770khz Am Mode good signal!! Not known to be on this frequency!!!

Hearing some music at 01:17UTC good signal too S9 here in Western South Carolina!
She drives me crazy By the Fine Young Cannibals at 01:18UTC
Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News at 01:21UTC
Our Lips are Seal by the Go Gos at 01:24UTC
Some rap shit at 01:27UTC

Very weak here at 22:07UTC not much there unless it fads up!

 I am hearing some music at 18:59UTC with excellent audio too Signal level is S7 at this time from Western South Carolina with techno pop or jazz!!
 Still strong signal here with S7 with some Jazz music little interference at 22:03UTC This is incredible although I am using a loop antenna little noise on this frequency! Young female voice gives Mix Radio info and thanks for listening during the music at 22:06UTC!!

 Hearing some music on the frequency at 00:18UTC signal level at s9 at the moment!

Hearing him speaking at 03:41UTC weak but you can hear him tonight signal level S7 at the moment!

Hearing some music at 03:34UTC with techno pop music signal level S7 at the moment! Hearing a old man speaking at 03:45UTC signal improved see the light!

Hearing some music also in the background of noise at 01:31UTC. Not a good copy some music with horns!

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