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Weak signal was also in Ukraine with SINPO up to 24422. Deep and continuous fade-outs, quite difficult copy. Received with XHData D-808 and 80 mb dipole this time. Thanks for the show!

That was a decent signal in Kyiv again. SINPO = 35433-45433. Thanks for the show!

The fax chart has been received on the 2nd of June 2019 on 6328.5 kHz (center frequency). Weather fax transmissions are quite regular at 20.00 UTC (±2 minutes) and are being probably provided by RBW41 Murmansk. Facsimile broadcasts at other time slots are also possible on this frequency: the station was observed by other DXers at 03.30, 04.50, 10.30, 13.30 and 14.50 UTC too. Unfortunately, the most of information about RBW41 in the Worldwide Marine Radiofacsimile Broadcast Schedules by the National Weather Service of NOAA is outdated.

As the station uses inverted shift, the signal must be received in LSB mode (instead of USB) for the correct decoding. The quantity of shift is also non-standard: 1000 Hz. Other settings: 120 RPM / 576 IOC, with no APT.

The main trouble during reception of these transmissions at 20.00 UTC is the constant heavy QRM from another russian utility station on 6328 kHz using CIS-36-50 mode. One can see the disturbance as a wide white strip on the decoded chart.

RX: Degen DE-1103
ANT: 80 mb dipole

QSLs Received / Re: Paper QSL's?
« on: May 26, 2019, 2149 UTC »
This list is IMHO (based on my personal experience and information from other DXer's blogs in Internet). It is probably incomplete, so any additions and corrections are greatly welcome. Please note, that there are only international stations in this list (mentioned in the "International Radio" section of WRTH), because some local stations (e.g. Rádio Nacional da Amazônia or Radio Nikkei) are still sending paper QSLs too, but they are absent there.

And yes, Bible Voice seems to be also a regular "paper QSLer". Thanks. I included this station into my list. The same for Radio Exterior de España (didn't know the current QSL-status for them).

As for China Radio Int'l, Voice of Indonesia, Radio Romania Int'l and Radio Vatican: some language sections (not all) are still sending paper QSLs.

PBS Xizang / Holy Tibet / China Tibet Broadcasting: I have sent reception reports several times to them (by snail mail too) and even received some promises of QSL once, but still never got any paper confirmation from this station. No any reply from the Voice of Tibet. Never received any QSLs from Radio Kuwait after many years of sending reception reports either, only nice table-top calendars yearly. So, the result is strictly depends on a personal luck too.

SINPO = 34433 in Kyiv. Thanks for the show!

00.37 - The Clash - Tommy Gun.

This time reception was realized using XHData D-808 DSP pocket receiver and 80 mb dipole antenna:

European Pirate / Re: 6385 UNID AM 2010 UTC 25 May 2019
« on: May 25, 2019, 2050 UTC »
Strange, I have heard Talking Heads - Psycho Killer on this frequency, right when others heard ABBA.

QSLs Received / Re: Paper QSL's?
« on: May 25, 2019, 0100 UTC »
List of the international licensed BC stations which are still (probably) confirming reports by paper QSLs:

Radio Tirana Int'l
Argentina Al Mundo
Reach Beyond
Radio Ö1
Bangladesh Betar
Radio Belarus Int'l
TWR Bonaire ?
Radio Canada Int'l ?
Bible Voice
China Radio Int'l (some language sections)
China Tibet Broadcasting
Radio Habana Cuba
Radio Prague
World Music Radio (for snail-mail reports)
Voz Andes (via Germany)
Radio Cairo
Some stations relayed by Channel 292: Welle 370, Easy Listening, SDXF, Radio Amathusia, Grooveline, etc.
Deutscher Wetterdienst
Deutsche Welle
Hamburger Lokalradio
HCJB Deutschland
DP07 Seefunk
Radio DARC
Shortwaveservice ?
Scandinavian Weekend Radio (for snail-mail reports)
All India Radio
Voice of Indonesia (some language sections)
Voice of The Islamic Republic of Iran
Voice of Hope - Middle East
NHK World
Voice of Korea (for snail-mail reports)
KBS World Radio
FEBC Korea ?
Radio Kuwait ?
Madagascar World Voice
Voice of Mongolia
Voice of Nigeria (very seldom) ?
LKB/LLE Bergen Kringkaster
FEBC Radio Liangyou
Radyo Pilipinas
Radio Poland (some language sections) ?
Radio Romania Int'l (some language sections)
Radio Slovakia Int'l
TWR Africa (for snail-mail reports)
Radio Exterior de España
Radio Mi Amigo Int'l
Radio Taiwan Int'l
Radio Thailand World Service
Voice of Turkey
Radio Ukraine Int'l ?
Radio Marti (via Greenville TX site)
Radio Free Asia
Radio Mashaal/Radio Sawa/Radio Farda/etc. (via some relay stations)
Voice of America (via some relay stations)
Family Radio ?
Pan American BC ?
The Overcomer Ministry
University Network (Caribbean Beacon) (via Anguilla TX)
WRMI and some relayed stations
Radio Vatican (some language sections)
Voice of Vietnam
Voice of Hope - Africa
Sound of Hope
Gaweylon Tibetan Radio
Voice of Tibet
Radio Tamazuj
Radio Dabanga

Confirmation status (IMHO):
current status is unknown

May be Radio Illegal?

Email address of this station is: radioillegal@gmx.net

Degen DE-1103 + external 10 m wire. 48HR wave prediction - Surface weather chart North Atlantic:

European Pirate / Re: UNITED AM 3905 AM 2055 utc 03 May 2019
« on: May 04, 2019, 0054 UTC »
I guess, that was SW relay of the Dutch official station United AM from Neede (1224 kHz).

SINPO = 35433-45444 in Kyiv. It's good propagation from NA tonight.

00.32 - Clear identification by male voice;
00.33 - The Four Tops - Ask The Lonely;
00.35 - The Beatles - No Reply;
00.38 - The Zombies - Tell Her No;
00.41 - The Grass Roots - Midnight Confessions.

Thanks for the show, Wolverine!

Weak signal in Kyiv, but some traces are audible.

SINPO = 34433-44433.

Looped morse code message.

Very good signal in Kyiv this evening! SINPO is up to 45434. Good modulation.

21.46 - Valentine - I Can't Help Falling In Love;
21.49 - Beatles Tribute Band - Till There Was You;
21.55 - ID, greetings to listeners;
21.59 - Martin Smith - Wonderful Land.

ID and Translation Requests / Re: UNI 9265 KHZ
« on: February 09, 2019, 2324 UTC »
Hi! The transmission on the Youtube clip is in MFSK64 mode. You can decode it with special software, e.g.: fldigi, etc.

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