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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6.925U @0114 April 2
« on: April 02, 2013, 0128 UTC »
Red Mercury signing off at 1:28 UTC

Voices in unknown language. One high-pitched, whiny, the other a deeper male voice. Other transmissions in background. Plus noise. Now music at 23:51 along the lines of The Residents?

Completely gone at 23:52

Getting buried in noise, but I hear a radio drama, earlier thought I heard "Raunchy Radio" station ID.

Now some music at 23:37
Completely gone at 23:39

"We even have the right to bear arms to defend against a corrupt government. That's a rare thing in a world where many countries are ruled by dictatorships supported by an army that exists to protect the government from its citizen"

Wow, in the United States we have the right to use arms to overthrow the government? And the military's not going to do anything to stop it, because we're a democracy?

Knowledge of the Bill of Rights: zero
Knowledge of history: zero
Familiarity with logic: zero
Understanding of freedom: none

S7 fading in and out of "breaking wave" white noise with music, then announcer in Arabic, then Koran chanting male solo until 2:45, then more talk.

Steady interference on the freq., probably QRM, station barely audible at 3:01 UTC.

Broadcast from Peru, S4 just above the noise, with a musical track featuring children's chorus, followed by male announcer speaking Spanish, then another piece of music with male vocalist, pop style with traditional influence, more patter from announcer.

Still audible at 11:04 UTC with music, hard to tell much, with signal dipping below noise floor.

The name means "Southeast Waves" or "Southeast Wavelength."

Audible but unintelligible at 11:25 UTC.

Getting S5 or nearly S6 when band comes in, breaking-wave-type fades at 6:50 but improving.

Described as "360 Smoke-A-Bowl Hour"

"Tomorrow is National Hangover Day"

Novelty tunes about pot and juice. Earlier the show was all weed. This part of the show is devoted to (the pitfalls of) alcohol. Still getting decent reception around S5 at 7:14 z.

Mention of a "Conception Corporation" and some other type of ID by announcer but unintelligible.

These are really strange songs, I never thought of combining weed and polka and what that might imply for the future of civilization. Good collection of songs explicitly revolving around reefer. The alternating pot and booze musical sessions are an accurate reflection of the actual behavior of a certain type of radio listener on a typical night.

"Panama Red" at 7:36 z

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 0028+ 12/31/2012
« on: December 31, 2012, 0040 UTC »
S6 at 00:39 here, some kind of satirical "support the troops in Iraq" announcements with phony names dropped, followed by electronic track.

Radio Ronin shortwave station ID at 23:34, quite weak S4 now, sinking into noise, but started strong with interval signal around 23:15.

Sign on female voice speaking station ID in heavy echo, then into techno music.

S5 to S6, some fading.

Periodic station IDs over music bed in male and female voices.

Heavy QRM sheets of white noise cutting in at 00:51 UTC, covers up station at this time.

Continuous music, station is stronger at 00:57 but QRM white noise still equally strong at times.

No longer audible, or off the air at 1:18 UTC.

Getting stronger into North Alabama now. S4-S5. Deep fading.

Some off-the-beaten-path music.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925U
« on: August 19, 2012, 0101 UTC »
S6 over here with garage rock and 60's tune "Empty Heart" not sure of band

cutting out and cutting back in from time to time

Gone at 1:04, hope to hear more, I like this genre.

Orange Claw Hammer by Captain Beefheart, about S6, loads of crashing static tonight.

Followed by nostalgic spoken word bits

Variety of southern accents voices

4:57  Male and female voices discussing philosophical concepts, "pure being," hard to read under noise
4:57  "Star Trek" TV theme music (90's version)
4:58  nostalgic commercial announcements
4:59  parody of "Cracklin Rosie" unknown performer
5:00  operator's voice giving song credits, can't hear station ID
5:03  music and sound effects
5:04  somebody on electric organ and talking
5:05  fake little boy voice raving about something
5:06  man talking about mushrooms, "Stinkhorns"
5:08  deep fading into inaudibility, same man talking about "if you want to start your own religion"
5:14  noise is taking over
5:15  cover of 70's tune, really bad
5:17  variety of voices and music collaged together
5:17  station op giving credits
5:21  man speaking, obliterated by noise and fading
5:27  series of looped voices
5:28  sounds like Bach played on synthesizer with messed up tempos
5:32  better reception with 50's sounding tune on cheesy synth
5:34  signal gone

Nice clean signal here, around S8.

Pretty hilarious.

My glasses are fogging up on one side.

First noted at 1:25 UTC, about an S5.

1:25 "Heart of a Coal Mining Town" banjo tune, sorry can't ID
1:27 Mandolin and banjo very fast breakdowns, wonder who this is?
1:29 Station ID "Radio Appalachia, the Free Voice of the Ohio Valley, broadcasting from high above Moundsville, West Virginia"
1:33 "Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms" don't know artist
1:44 Another station ID

Nice change of pace, in terms of music styles.

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