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Looks like someone got a decent deal on the Acopian 5v 22a supply. :)

Anyway one can drop a search for "Acopian A5H" models if interested in other offerings. The A series are the high-performance models with ±0.005% regulation. An added V prefix means the overvoltage protection option is included.

0510z - Music. SIO 444. ~S8 via Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical. Some static crashing, but otherwise a decent to good copy.
0513z - OTA.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

Excellent. The extra frequency coverage will benefit some, but for me it will be interesting to see what other new features will be offered.

There are decent deals out there on eBay and similar for quality power supplies if patient. I picked up a new, though out-of-box Acopian 5v 32a linear highly-regulated supply with the overvoltage protection option. 0.005% load and line regulation with 0.25mV RMS ripple. Reputable dealer with a warrantied guarantee. MSRP as spec'd is $750+. I paid under $150 shipped.

32a is kind of ridiculous for just a single Kiwi, but the decent mid-range eBay and similar 5v audiophile supplies tend to be like $125 to $200 anyway, and most of those have little to no meaningful published specs.

Here is a new open-box 5v 22a sibling to my mentioned Acopian supply. Overvoltage option included, plus same regulation and ripple specs as above. $111.75 shipped at the moment. Same vendor where I purchased mine, too.


Quite possible. NOAA SWPC reports a 24-hour peak in the R3 radio blackout range, though there were some instances of near R4 levels. ~R4 can affect GPS systems.


It would not be surprising if isolated areas on the sunlit side of Earth might have reached even R4 given the considerable power of the recent CMEs.

There is a 75% forecast chance of R3-R5 levels through May 13 UTC.

Farmers in online communities all over the internet have been discussing the GPS outages, with some saying that they’ve been running into “very weird issues.”

Souce: https://www.404media.co/solar-storm-knocks-out-tractor-gps-systems-during-peak-planting-season/

General Radio Discussion / Re: Me??? Several radios...
« on: May 09, 2024, 0127 UTC »
Various portables, desktops, SDRs, etc.

I generally preferred desktop receivers back when computers were my work. My Kenwood R-2000 was my primary "go to" HF receiver for many years.

The computer work is no longer a concern, thus my migration more to SDRs in recent years. Being able to remotely access them is a nice bonus IMO.

Conversely, my oldest receiver is a rather nice National NC-125 with matching speaker, though it is rarely powered anymore. I suppose it is more of a personal display piece now.

Equipment / Re: Best MWDX antenna?
« on: May 09, 2024, 0058 UTC »
Changed out the hybrid transformer on the 31' vertical for a LDG 1:1 balun. The RG-11 feedline was rerouted and dramatically shortened.

Once again put a KD9SV common-mode choke near the house entrance.

An eBay "SDR protector" and the earlier mentioned TDK N30/T65 series choke are close to the Airspy HF+D, though I need to get around to swapping that choke for a galvanically isolated one to better cleanup LW and lower.

Now to eventually get around to deploying more than the current four on-ground radials. I am thinking about acquiring some long ribbon cables. 10m 10-wire cables can be found for like a dollar or two shipped via welcome deals at AliExpress. Seems like they would be somewhat easier to deploy in greater quantities. Attach then separate as ya' go. On the downside I suppose they might even be CCS wire, but I have used CCS speaker wire for on-ground radials in the past with okay results if sealing the connectors and ends from water intrusion.

0411z - ID into music. SIO 444. ATS-20+ and ~15' loop-in-window.
0413z - "Transmitter is smoking..."
0422z - Music. Pretty good copy tonight here, especially for a portable and an indoor antenna.
0432z - Interference from whatever a KHz or few above. LSB ECSS helps a little.
0436z - Interference seems to be moving lower in frequency. Back to SIO 444 via AM.
0504z - ID into music.
0537z - Off air.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

0121z - "Transmitter is smoking..." into music. SIO 333 via KiwiSDR 2 and 31' vertical.
0130z - Improving. SIO trending 434. AM sync tuning.

0210z - Music. SIO 334 via ATS-20+ and 15' loop in window. Intense static crashing on my Kiwi right now.

(click to enlarge)

0309z - Off air.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

0125z - SSTV. KiwiSDR 2 and 31' vertical.
0127z - Music. SIO 222. Tough copy at the moment.
0137z - Music. Improving. SIO trending 333.
0144z - Bark, bark, bark...
0209z - SSTV, UTE activity, SIO 222 trending 221.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

v1920 release build now available:


Probably the biggest change:

Getting rid of Telerik UI. Once for all.

Announcement and community feedback:


Music at 0102z. SIO 322. KiwiSDR 2 and 31' vertical. Heavy UTE interference.

Thanks for the broadcast! :)

Beeps at 1 sec intervals on the USB side at 1957z.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: Fobos SDR
« on: April 22, 2024, 1826 UTC »
The hardware device driver for Windows is via Zadig, similar to how the RTL-SDR driver is installed. Otherwise on the SDR software side....

SDR# via SDRSharp.FobosSDR.dll plugin.
HDSDR and other ExtIO_*.dll compatible software via ExtIO_FobosSDR.dll plugin.
uSDR via native Fobos SDR API

Source: https://rigexpert.com/files/product_documentation/Fobos%20SDR/Fobos-SDR-User-Guide.EN.pdf

The ADC is a 14-bit version of the LTC2143.


It seems you can likely select spectrum in either 100kHz-25 MHz direct sampling or 25MHz–6GHz superhet modes, though I suspect perhaps not an overlap of those two ranges. Not sure here, so a big YMMV on my part.


Spotted a post on another site suggesting a $395 MSRP. Potentially an even bigger YMMV.

There could still be supply available through retailers, as per jks....

"We have shipped hundreds now to ML&S (UK) hamradio.co.uk and WiMo (DE) wimo.com. So consider ordering from them. Check if they will ship to your region and the cost.

Source: https://forum.kiwisdr.com/index.php?p=/discussion/3051/kiwisdr-2-kiwisdr-nz-sold-out-please-order-via-hamradio-co-uk-and-wimo-com/p2

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