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Just tuned in and have a massive S9 +10 signal here in Louisiana.

Your really getting out tonight Henry.

Have been listening since 01:34

Deep fades under my S6 noise floor with random peaks to S7.

02:18 the signal is all but gone.

Had Radio Vixen here at S7 with decent audio.

Tuned in at 01:21 thru sign off at 01:36.

ID heard at 0120.
Signal about even with a S7 noise floor here tonight.

S7 to +10 signal here with fading.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6970 X-FM 0526z 1/1/2013
« on: January 01, 2013, 0533 UTC »
I've got qrm on the upper side band so trying to listen on lsb.

Not much audio making it thru.

Maybe conditions will get better later.

Hearing Captain Morgan and the unid station on the same freq.

Both stations are S6 here making it impossible to listen to either one.

What a mess!

04:29 id and "switching over to sideband"

Giving the history of Undercover Radio.

Good to hear you on Dr. Benway.

Strong S8 signal here tonight.

Hearing "Your Cash Ain't Nuthin But Trash" @ 03:13

S6 signal here with lots of static and deep fades.

04:07 signal has come up to S8/S9 with excellent audio.

Thanks Radio Ronin

Terrible conditions here tonight.

Unable to make out most of the show.

Thanks Wolverine.

I've been listening for the last 15 minutes but the static level is just too high.

02:16 a song with a mention of the FBI if I heard that correctly.

02:18 LSB traffic from south of the border coming in to make things worse

02:19 talking about states that have legalized weed and then into unknown tune

03:08 tuned back in and signal has come way up to S8/S9 at peaks with clean audio

04:34 Captain Morgan Shortwave on same frequency.  Both stations solid S6...what a mess.

Tuned over at 02:12 just in time to hear "Blue Ocean Radio signing off".

Once again I'm late to the party.

Thanks anyway BOR.

S4/5 about even with the noise floor here.

S6 to S8 signal with nice sounding audio.

Radio Jamba is bleeding over from 6925 so I'm limited to 10kHz BW.

S6 to S7 here with some fading.

Static noise levels have been horrible lately.

Thanks for the show!

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