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S9+ here with very nice sounding audio.

Thanks for the show

S9+ Here. Good audio

Now there are three listeners.

Thanks for the show.

S8 with the noise. Hearing some music. Good sounding audio. Mellow spacey music.

Thanks for the show.

S9 here. Audio is better is USB mode. LSB also sounds decent. AM is distorted.

Not sure what song is playing right now.

ID Man Cave Radio.

Thanks for the show.

Very good sounding S9+ signal here.

Van Morrison - Moon Dance

Thanks for the show.

Hearing a station on USB and LSB. AM not so much. S8 with some noise.
0236 - Song
0237 - Budweiser commercial
0238 - Song
0241 - OM ID This is Man Cave Radio
0242 - Off

Thanks for the show

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unid 6925 usb 0251 utc
« on: June 08, 2014, 0306 UTC »
Signal is S7-S8 just above the noise here. Can hear the music. Playing rock music.
Just faded to the noise level.
Sounds better in the AM mode
Signal is starting to get stronger. S9 and peraking at times at S9+
3017 - off
Thanks for the show.

S9-S9+ here. Very good sounding audio.

Playing Van Morrison.

Thanks for the show.

Signal is right with my noise level. I can tell something is there, and can faintly hear music.

Hearing music. S9 with good audio.

Played song then dead air. Now playing another song. Rock/ hard rock music
0430 ID OM X L R 8

Thanks for the show

Faint music here as well. My noise level is now terrible, so I cannot make any of it out.

S7-S9 signal with good audio. Some fading.

Peter Schilling - Major Tom
OM ID - The 80's show

Starting to get some QRM

Thanks for the show.

S9++ here. Great sounding Audio.

Looks like I caught the last song.

Thanks for the show.

S8 here with the noise level. Audio sounds a little off.

Leo Sayer - Long Tall Glasses.

Thanks for the show.

It is S7 here. Really rough copy with static crashes.

You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate.
Song I could not make out
ID and email addy given out. Could barely make out the IDs
Back to music.
Sounds like 1970's music

Thanks for the show

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