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S9 with fade outs and static.

The Dead Weather - Cop And Go

Thanks for the show.

S9 with good audio

OM Zeke talking
Otis Taylor - Kitchen Towel

Thanks for the show

S9 with good audio

The Allman Brothers Band - Don't Want You No More
0118 -The Allman Brothers Band - It's Not My Cross To Bear

Thanks for the show

S9 with very good audio

Nils Lofgren And Grin - Moon Tears
King Harvest - Dancing In The Moonlight.

Thanks for the show.

Fading in and out my noise level. Tuned at 6925.205

Jan Hammer - Oh, Yeah

OM Sunday morning jazz brunch.

Thanks for the show.

Barley audible over my noise level

D Man - Ain't Enough Whiskey.

Thanks for the show.

S6 with my my noise level. Tough copy. Had a stronger digital mode interfering for a while.

Lady Madonna
Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends.

Thanks for the show.

S7 with good audio.

Gallagher-Lyle - Trees

Thanks for the show.

S9+ Very good audio

Gene Vincent - Dance To The Bop
The Drifters - Save The Last Dance For Me

Thanks for the show.

S7 with slightly distorted audio.

I see the am spike, but I am receiving this in USB. Nothing visible on the LSB.
OM talking.
Tuned in at 6924.960  Good audio. Just Dropped in

Thanks for the show.

S9 with good audio

OM talking.
David Benoit  - M. W A (Musicians With Attitude).

Thanks for the show.

S9 w2ith good audio

OM ID Cool AM Radio and Texas Shortwave
In The Mood

Thanks for the show.

Very weakly audible in LSB

Some music in the noise.
OM talking.
Geco - Chicken song.

Thanks for the show.

S9 with very good audio.

Thompson Twins  - Lies
0059 - YL ID Mix Radio International
Cool AM Radio ID and email addy

Happy New Year

S7 Just with the noise level

Space Buddha - Mental Hotline

Thanks for the show

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