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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 7320 AM 0311 UTC 1 NOV 2023
« on: November 01, 2023, 0333 UTC »
Strong S9+ signal into Masset at 03:31 UTC playing
Romance in F-Sharp Major, Op. 28, No. 2 played by Gary Graffman.  Interesting that it's the same frequency (and strength) of The Collbert Report from a few weeks ago.
0334: Piano Sonata in E-Flat Major, Hob. XVI:49: Allegro (Haydn)  played by the fantastic late Canadian, Glenn Gould
0341:  Glenn Gould continues with the Adagio e cantabile (Haydn)

Very strong into Masset, BC tonight with email/QSL information at sign off at 03:10 UTC.  Thanks for the KIPM broadcast!

Booming into Masset, as usual at 01:38 with excellent audio.  Thanks for the Halloween program! 
And off at 02:05 with ID for X-FM followed by Two Dog Radio.    73, Walt

Fair to good reception into Masset tonight.  Sycko Radio ID just now at 02:46.
I'm Gonna Win, by Rob Cantor
No one lives forever, by Oingo Boingo at 02:49
Living in a Ghost Town, by the Rolling Stones at 02:54

Thanks for the shout-outs at 03:03!

Hungry Like the Wolf, by Duran Duran at 03:05.
Thriller, by Michael Jackson at 03:08
Killer Klowns by the Dickies at 03:19
Ghostbusters, by Ray Parker JR at 03:23....
Signing off announcements at 03:55 UTC.   Thanks for the pre-Halloween show!

I'm not sure whether this is still One Dog Radio/SyCko Radio at 04:05 at fair/good reception into Masset, BC
The Confessor by Joe Walsh
Dead air just before 04:06 UTC.  Looks like he left the air.  Thanks, in any case!    73, Walt

I was watching 6955U when it suddenly dropped a few minutes before 00:30 UTC.  In the interim, a very powerful station came on 6935 USB playing Subdivisions by Rush.  Blowing the S-meter into Masset. 

Indeed, a Sycko Radio ID at 00:55 UTC.  Thanks, Lucas, for correcting my assumption. 
Mentioned me at 02:24, as well as Molvania Poacher, and a few others.  Also mentions One Dog Radio.  I thought he said, "Thursday night", but I might be wrong.  02:45   Mentions a pre-Halloween show.  Not sure whether he'll be able to go on (that night).  One more song, then off at 02:55:02, with a, "Thank you for tuning in.  We're out of here". 

Thanks for the great show!

Latin American Pirate / Re: A.D.149 6934.9 AM 0104 UTC 25 OCT 2023
« on: October 26, 2023, 0112 UTC »
Poor to fair coming into Masset, BC at 01:12 UTC, 26 October....Walt

Good reception into Masset, BC at 03:50 UTC tune in. 
Lady Sniff, by the Butthole Surfers.   Really NOT my cup of tea!

Poor to fair reception into Masset at 01:11 UTC with an audible hum. 

Great reception into Masset, including the pretty SSTV image before signing off just after 01:04 UTC.  What I couldn't understand was whether there was a co-channel pirate or if it was part of Wolverine's program!   73,  Walt

Pretty certain it's Zeppelin Radio on measured 6939.863 at 01:30 at fair level.  AM mode.
Playing, according to Shazam:  Opos Xypnoun Oi Erastes (feat. Nikos Veliotis)
Giannis Aggelakas
Getting better with time.  Fair level at 02:06 and just played:  Min Girisis
Harrys Katsimichas
Probably the strongest I've heard Zeppelin Radio in Masset!   Thank you!
02:11 UTC:  Mia Vradia Sto Louki (Live)
Panos Katsimixas
02:13 UTC:  Waterfall
Crain & Taylor
 02:20 UTC: Ivreopobi
Fivos Delivorias
02:25 UTC:  Ftais Esy
Aggeliki Iliadi

73 from off the NW coast of North America in Masset, BC, CANADA. 

Took over the frequency after Two Dog signed off, but much weaker into Masset (than Two Dog).  Fair reception initially, then a big power failure affected the entire region, so a no go after 02:56 or so....73!

Super strong into Masset at 01:48 UTC with Cry, by John Lyons Band.  Nice music!
Off for a few seconds at 01:53, followed by "What happened", etc by fellow pirates, I suppose, but back soon enough to continue. 
Midnight Lover, by Mud Morganfield

Good reception from 03:56 tune-in, into Masset, BC

ID for EXP Radio Worldwide at 01:03 UTC.
Good reception into Masset, BC (south of Ketchikan, AK).  Thanks!   A new one for me, and I'd always appreciate an eQSL. 

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